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Workers are rescued from conditions similar to slavery in SP



São Paulo – Eight workers in conditions similar to slavery were rescued last Wednesday (30), on a farm in Mogi Guaçu, in the interior of São Paulo. According to the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT), six men and two women were subjected to exhaustive hours, degrading conditions and debt bondage.

Men worked in the fields, while women prepared meals for others. They worked from Sunday to Sunday, from dawn until night, with only a 10-minute lunch break. At the end of the month, however, they received only R $ 200.

Brought from Minas Gerais on an illegal bus, they were forced to pay for tickets. In addition, in the first month, they received only one food stamp. Labor attorney Italvar Medina says the workers were found to be in a “highly degrading” situation. “The hours went beyond ten hours. Sometimes, going from dawn until 10 pm ”, reported in an interview with reporter Cosmo Silva, for the Current Brazil Newspaper this Tuesday (6th).

The rescued workers returned to their homes in Minas last Saturday (28), after receiving the severance pay and their work papers.

Labor Deformation

According to the National Union of Labor Tax Auditors (Sinait), since the labor “reform” approved by Congress in 2017, the demand for inspections regarding work conditions has increased a lot. In other words, according to the auditor Renato Bignami, with the “reform”, there was a “drastic” reduction in the protective regulatory density.

“The protection that should be given to the worker, which is the great foundation of labor regulation, has increasingly lost this quality. Today, with great difficulty, labor tax auditors are able to seek elements in the legislation that fully guarantee the regulation of modern labor relations, ”he said.

On the other hand, those responsible, a couple of tenants, may be held legally liable if they refuse to sign a Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC). In addition to banning practices similar to slavery, they must commit to paying labor rights and compensating victims. According to Medina, they could be the target of a public civil action for collective moral damage. “Since contemporary slave labor represents an affront to all Brazilian society,” he said.


Bignami points out that Brazil was the first country in the Americas to be condemned by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CDIH), for the persistence of contemporary slavery. This is the case of Fazenda Brasil Verde, in Pará, which kept dozens of workers in degrading conditions between the 1980s and 2000s.

“It is important to say that, in the sentence that condemns the country, one of the factors that influence the permanence of these conditions is the generalized, persistent and chronic poverty that a substantial portion of the Brazilian population goes through.”

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Copywriting: Tiago Pereira – Edition: Helder Lima

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Banda Novo Planeta brings maturity and vibrant message in debut single




São Paulo – The São Paulo band Novo Planeta debuted, this Friday (30th), on all digital platforms, with their first single Message from Jah, one of the five tracks of the project The Bonanza, which has no release date yet. In this first work, the four members of the group show maturity through a vibrant message.

The union came about after sharing the same passion for Brazilian popular music and also for poetry. Another common denominator, which resulted in the group’s sound aesthetics, is that everyone was inspired, since much younger, in groups that made history in Brazil, such as O Rappa, Charlie Brown Jr and Natiruts.

The group promises to bring songs filled with inspiration in its main references. In a constant process of transformation, the band brings songs that can be a breath in times of a Brazil marked by adversity.

Before the emergence of the current name, Novo Planeta, the quartet had already met and presented themselves as Made In THC, which later became New Planet. In 2018, they played at Matilha Cultural, an important and historic space in downtown São Paulo, responsible for being the gateway for many independent artists on the circuit.

In the band Novo Planeta, Dimas Santos, Mano Bob, is responsible for the voice and guitar. Gabriel Ramalho, known as Ramall, works on percussion and second voice. Meanwhile, Henrique Naske plays the drums and Rafael Almeida, the guitar.

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