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With Biden, pressure grows to turn Bolsonaro into the world’s greatest villain, says analyst



São Paulo – The start of Joe Biden’s government has been consistent with his campaign commitments. In this sense, the issue of immigration is perhaps the most symbolic. The Democrat signed measures on Tuesday to reunite families of illegal immigrants separated from their children by the policies of the Donald Trump administration. However, a task force will be needed to overcome bureaucratic difficulties, such as the lack of documents that allow the quick association and reunion between the separate entities. Such a Trump policy, not without reason, was considered by analysts to be Nazi. It became the subject of a realistic and moving episode in the acclaimed series Law and Order SVU, in which dozens of children are caged in a safe area, like animals.

In foreign policy, the Democrat adopts the tone of the so-called multilateralism, replacing the United States as active interlocutors in the Paris Agreement and in organizations such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization. The New York Times on Thursday (4), Biden announced the end of the country’s support for Saudi Arabia’s military campaign in Yemen. On the other hand, the tone with which the Democrat refers to Russia and China remains harsh.


Obviously, the United States under Biden will continue to uphold the motto “America first“. But democrats in the world and, within the country, “minorities” (blacks, Latinos, women) celebrate the resurgence of “normal” parameters. “It is a relief to see the return of common sense and to hope for a world without the ‘lowlands’ that Trump has appealed to and Bolsonaro appeals to,” says Thomas Heye, from the Strategic Studies Institute of the Federal Fluminense University (UFF).

In relation to Venezuela, for example, as shown in a report by the Brasil de Fato, Biden began to cautiously relax some economic sanctions, allowing commercial transactions by sea and air with the neighboring country. The measure is purely pragmatic, because the recognition of President Nicolás Maduro is not politically on the horizon.

Bolsonaro’s Brazil: environmental villain

The environmental issue – a fundamental theme of his campaign – is another point in which Biden will invest heavily, politically. And there comes Brazil. For example, under the Biden management, the United States plans to adopt policies against the import of Brazilian products from illegal deforestation. The pressure against the environmental “politics” of the Bolsonaro government and its minister Ricardo Salles is, moreover, not just American. “There is an orchestration of the campaign against the great environmental villain, which today is Brazil”, observes Heye.

Other leaders, like the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, are not only part of the “orchestration” against the “environmental villain” but also want distance from Bolsonaro. “We would be elected the great international villain, the favorite villain in the world. Biden is not alone. Macron has also torpedoed Bolsonaro. Merkel, by the way, refuses to enter the same room that Bolsonaro is in. She doesn’t want anyone to even have the chance to take a photo of her even close to Bolsonaro, ”says the UFF professor.

Elections in Germany

Of course, the leaders of France and Germany have their eyes on their internal audience and also on the European Union. In September, elections for Angela Merkel’s succession take place. She and Macron are extremely careful not to scare the growing and important green constituency, whose votes are in the sights of all the important politicians of the Old World. Any association with Bolsonaro and his government that burns the Amazon and the Pantanal is a disastrous anti-advertisement.

If things can get more complicated for Bolsonaro in the face of the new administration of the White House, the weapons of the world leaders against the Brazilian president do not seem, at first, as blunt as sectors and citizens who value democracy and want the impeachment of the president would like Brazilian. Hypothetically, “the most traditional weapon for this type of situation would be economic sanctions”, suggests Heye. But such a solution – on the part of the West or even China – is very unlikely, as well as undesirable. “Economic sanctions have a very sad characteristic, because they affect the most needy part of society”, observes the analyst.

A less drastic solution would be, for example, Biden to subsidize soybean production for American farmers, which would please traditional Trump voters. Despite the sweeps between Chinese and Americans, often rhetoric for domestic consumption, with a better price the Orientals could replace the commodity Brazilian by the American. “With that, Biden would undermine Trump’s and Bolsonaro’s electoral strongholds, and Brazilian agribusiness would be very upset with the president,” says Heye.

Bolsonarist rhetoric

But the analyst considers that Bolsonaro would also be able to use his well-known farcical rhetoric and capitalize on adverse situations caused by Biden, placing himself as a victim of the international community, inverting Trump’s blind tying speech to the United States. “With that, I could still steal the discourse from the Brazilian left”. This speech, of course, would be directed to “root” Bolsonarism, which ignores the crisis and tragedy of the pandemic, which has already killed more than 230 thousand Brazilians. “And at the moment, victory in Congress, by electing the presidents of the House and the Senate, strengthens it,” observes Heye.

Trump is passed

Second document revealed by BBC News Brasil this week, Biden and senior members of the White House received a massive dossier calling for the “freeze” of agreements, negotiations and political alliances with Brazil “while Jair Bolsonaro is in the presidency”. The document, according to the report, is endorsed by more than 100 academics from universities like Harvard, Brown and Columbia. Entities like Friends of the Earth, in the United States, and the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Apib) also support the idea.

Among the agreements made by the Brazilian president and former American president, there is what, in practice, gives Alcântara base to the USA, according to analysts, a clear attack on national sovereignty. “It is very serious,” says Heye. Bolsonaro unilaterally exempted Americans from paying fees to enter Brazil, an exemption that does not benefit Brazilians, violating the principle of diplomatic reciprocity, as noted by the UFF professor.

“There would be space to talk to Biden about issues like these. But, let’s face it, with our current chancellor, we cannot imagine a very fruitful dialogue with American diplomacy. With the first ‘terraplanície’ that Ernesto Araújo releases, the conversation ends ”, concludes Thomas Heye.

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