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What is the scope of democracy in Brazil? – Current Brazil Network



São Paulo – The first round of municipal elections 2020 is coming. Unlike previous races, the covid-19 pandemic changed the game board, postponing dates and reducing face-to-face contact between candidates and voters.

In addition, several broadcasters have decided to
not promoting traditional television debates, further damaging
small parties, which do not have ample space in political hours
mandatory. With the shorter campaign time, the changes end up favoring
the big parties and also the candidates seeking reelection.

In view of the limitations and analyzing the rules that govern the Brazilian electoral system, it is necessary to ask what is the real scope of Brazilian democracy. What kind of reform should be done to reduce the chasm that separates citizens from elections and decisions made during their terms? Reflections beyond the challenges of the 2020 elections.

Hate as politics – the reinvention of rights in Brazil

The book organized by Esther Solano focuses on advancing right-wing movements. Thus, the texts analyze from the most diverse perspectives the emergence and maintenance of the hate regime within the political field.

The difficult democracy – reinventing the left

By Boaventura de Sousa Santos. Where does democracy go? This is the starting point of the work, which analyzes the urgency of reflective lefts today. Boaventura assesses the rise of the Occupy movements and the revolts of indignation and the history – as well as the erosion – of democracies in the transition from the 20th to the 21st century and the emergence of a new way of doing politics.

Left Bank 4

Boitempo’s six-monthly magazine Left margin brings in its fourth issue a dossier with six essays that discuss the place of political representation and the role of parties in today’s world. Would they be overcome by non-governmental organizations, horizontal network structures and / or social movements? Or would they maintain their relevance, despite their failure and delegitimization in several countries?

Which side are you on?

Reflections on the political and urban conjuncture in Brazil. According to the author, Guilherme Boulos, Which side are you on? “It is an intervention project, which proposes solutions to the left for the challenges that the explosive Brazilian situation offers us”. Boulos does not intend to create consensus, but to take sides in dissent, deconstructing prejudice and the culture of comfort, transmitted by family, friends, school, church and media and absorbed by society in general.

Democracy can be like that

From Equipo Squad (Boitatá seal), Democracy can be like that discusses the way people relate to each other in society. This book presents the concept of democracy from images close to the children’s daily lives, taking as an example the time of recess and the game: activities in which everyone who participates has to make decisions and assimilate their rules.

Gender, neoliberalism and democracy

Collective work by Flávia Biroli, Maria das Dores Campos Machado and Juan Marco Vaggione, Gender, neoliberalism and democracyDisputes and setbacks in Latin America it is the result of a transnational investigation carried out during 2018 and 2019 and of a fruitful dialogue involving the two authors and the author, this work analyzes the relations between gender, religion, rights and democracy in Latin America.

The proximity of the 2020 elections raises the need for reflections on the impasses for the future of democracy. Purchase these and other works by Boitempo publisher through our affiliate partner link. You pay nothing more for it and help keep our work going.

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Centrals promote act for emergency aid of R $ 600 in São Paulo




São Paulo – Union centrals will return to the streets next Tuesday (3), for an act in São Paulo, in front of the headquarters of the Central Bank, on Avenida Paulista. On the centrals’ agenda is the maintenance of emergency aid in the amount of R $ 600 and the exemption from payroll so that companies can react to the effects of the pandemic and keep jobs. The demonstration is scheduled for 11am.

The issue of R $ 600 emergency aid has been the subject of a campaign by the exchanges since September, when the government issued Provisional Measure (MP) 1,000. The benefit was extended until December, but the Planalto cut the amount in half, to R $ 300. The opposition in the Chamber and the centrals want the MP to enter the agenda, which has been obstructed for a month. This week, the President of the House, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), said he could include the topic on the agenda.

The maintenance of tax relief for 17 sectors of the economy was vetoed by Jair Bolsonaro. At first, it ends in December. But Congress is mobilizing to overturn the veto. The president of the Senate and Congress, Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP), scheduled for next Wednesday (4) a joint session to analyze presidential vetoes and bills.

Positive for covid

The president of Força Sindical, Miguel Torres, tested positive for covid-19. On video, he said he had no serious symptoms and was breathing normally. Already medicated, he will be quarantined at home. With the confirmation, the manager’s family is conducting tests.

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Centrals promote act for emergency aid of R $ 600 in São Paulo

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