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US enters ‘uncharted territory’ after Capitol invasion



BrasildeFato – There is no precedent in any history book that indicates what can happen in the United States. “We are entering unexplored territory in the USA”, analyzes the Brasil de Fato the head of the Department of Political Science at the University of Georgia, Scott Ainsworth.

For him, until January 20, when Joe Biden officially takes over the White House, Americans must live a “sensitive period”, where all eyes are on Vice President Mike Pence.

The unexpected role of the former governor of Indiana gains momentum as senators and representatives come to the public to support the invocation of the 25th Constitutional Amendment in the United States. The rule, which has already been invoked at other times, says that if the incumbent president is not fully capable of performing his job, then the vice president must do so.

“There is really a lot of support for implementing this amendment, but I don’t think Pence can get all the votes needed to put it into action, especially in the House of Representatives,” Alexander Theory, professor of political theory at the University of Georgia, tells the story. Kaufman.

According to the professor, invoking this rule or not does not change the course of things, and that Donald Trump will be removed from the White House even if he refuses to leave. “Unless Trump succeeds in delivering a coup,” says Kaufman.

The addendum is important because many experts consider the events of last Wednesday (6) a small “sample” of the Republican’s power and the damage of a coup.

Moments before Congress met to confirm the inauguration of Democrat Joe Biden, Donald Trump spoke to his supporters. The Republican, once again, returned to affirm that the elections were rigged and ended his speech emphatically: “I will not grant”.

Encouraged by Trump, the crowd marched to Congress and invaded the Capitol, leaving traces of vandalism and violence. A woman was shot in the chest and did not survive the injuries.

The National Guard was called in to restore peace and ensure the integrity of the representatives, who returned to the plenary after more than six hours of interruption. As expected, several Republican senators voted in favor of certain objections, but at least one of them changed his mind after the attack on the Capitol.

Senator Kelly Loeffler, who lost re-election in her state of Georgia, used her speaking time to explain the change in her position. “When I arrived in Washington this morning, I had every intention of opposing certification. However, after the events that took place today, I am forced to reconsider and I cannot, in good conscience, object, ”he said to the applause of his colleagues.

Two requests for objections were discussed, referring to voting in Arizona and Pennsylvania, but both were denied by Congress after independent evaluations, which yielded memorable speeches. Republican Mitt Romney, for example, acknowledging Trump’s defeat, said: “The best way to show respect to voters who are dissatisfied is to tell the truth. That is the weight and duty of a leader ”.

At 3:30 am local time (5:30 am Brasília time), Joe Biden’s victory was confirmed to secure his inauguration on January 20. Kamala Harris will officially be the first woman elected vice president of the United States.

Democrats come to power with two major challenges at hand, as he explains to the Brasil de Fato political scientist Alexa Bankert. “The first challenge is common to all administrations, which is to define a political agenda. I believe that Biden should focus on health, sustainability, migration reform and a foreign policy that restores the confidence of the allies “, and continues,” the second challenge will be to start a national movement that strengthens democracy; to revitalize our commitment to democracy, even if our party is on the defeated side ”.

Drowned lantern

The current president of the United States was defeated at the polls in an election held in October last year. Democratic candidate Joe Biden racked up 306 votes from the Electoral College, while Trump got just 232 votes.

Because of the pandemic, all states in the country accepted votes by mail – a modality that Trump, without evidence, accuses of being fraudulent.

All the Republican’s attempts to reverse or annul the election result had no effect. The president even had a tapped conversation with the secretary of Georgia, in which the man urges to “find” 11,780 thousand ballots with votes in his favor, which would guarantee him victory in the state.

For the American press, Trump’s call was more “scandalous” than the Watergate Case, which culminated in the resignation of then President Richard Nixon.


Historically a republican territory, Georgia this year was blue. Joe Biden took 49.5% of the valid votes, while Trump accumulated 49.3% of the votes.

The Democrat in the state also arrived in the Senate, in an election that took place on Wednesday, January 6. Candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won by less than 1% of their Republican opponents, and took control of the Senate into the hands of Democrats – which has not happened since 2014. “It is too early to say whether Georgia is a pendulum state, because, historically, we are republicans ”, says Banker.

According to the professor, a series of factors were aligned to make the population go to the polls to vote for a Democratic candidate. “I believe that Trump’s attack on John Lewis in 2017 was a very important point to explain this election,” he says.

Deceased in July 2020, John Lewis was a highly respected politician and activist in Georgia and one of the greatest critics of the Trump administration. In 2017, the two even exchanged barbs, with the Republican saying that the Lewis district “was horrible and poorly maintained”, which provoked the ire of the local community.

Despite the “blue” victory, Bankert points out that the state is still under republican control – and perhaps that is why the legitimacy of his election has not been so questioned. “Our governor is a Republican, and the vote took place under his leadership. I think that, if he were a Democrat in power, many people could doubt the veracity of the electoral process ”.

In light of this reasoning, it must be borne in mind that the new American president was also elected under republican management, with the power to appoint the most competent professionals to the main security positions in the country.

“It is funny to think that Donald Trump has a panic about losing and so far does not accept his defeat,” says Kaufman, “but his attitudes are causing millions or billions of people to see him lose, live, sometimes in a row.”

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