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Unemployment is more severe for people with disabilities in the pandemic



São Paulo – Dieese’s technical note released last Wednesday (16) states that people with disabilities were hit even more severely by unemployment during the pandemic. However, the closing of posts for disabled workers began in January, before the arrival of covid-19 in Brazil.

In the period from January to August 2020, 849 thousand formal jobs were closed in the country, according to data from the General Register of Employed and Unemployed), of the Ministry of Economy. Of the total vacancies closed, 171.6 thousand (about 20%) were destined for this group of workers.

According to Dieese economist Leandro Horie, the real situation of unemployment among people with disabilities is even more serious than the data show, since the Caged figures capture only the movement of the formal labor market.

“In other words, the crisis was much more pronounced for workers with disabilities than in the formal labor market in general. Companies shut down much more than they hired. They dismissed 216,000 male and female workers with disabilities, and hired only 40,000. This difference is in people who left and did not return to the job market ”, said the economist in an interview to Current Brazil Newspaper.

Until 2018, workers with disabilities with a formal contract reached close to 500 thousand in the country. Therefore, the closing of vacancies from January to August is equivalent to more than 30% of this total.

The scenario in this segment of the labor market is even more worrying. According to Horie, the government of President Jair Bolsonaro attacks the rights of these workers, calling into question the Brazilian Law for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (Law No. 13,146 / 2015). Not only the Public Power, but also part of the companies are also co-responsible for this federal government offensive.

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Argentine President contaminated by covid-19 and fulfills isolation




São Paulo – The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, informed on social media that he tested positive for covid-19, after showing symptoms of the disease. He said he is in isolation and has warned people with whom he has had contact in the past 48 hours. And he also reported that he had 37.3ºC of fever, in addition to feeling a slight headache.

The announcement was made this Saturday (3), the day after Fernández turned 62. “For everyone’s information, I am physically well and, although I wanted to end my birthday without this news, I am also in a good mood,” said the president.

He received the first dose of the vaccine (Sputnik) in January. The second, the following month. “I’m fine, I don’t have any symptoms. Only this fever from yesterday that I reported ”, he declared to the newspaper Clarín. “It is a very complicated virus, and the demonstration is that I got infected, even though I was vaccinated with both doses and with extreme care,” he added.

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who received the second dose of the vaccine today, sent a message of support to “Daqui do Brasil I send good energy, hoping for its prompt recovery. May soon overcome this disease to continue caring for the Argentine people. Hugs, mate! ”He wrote.

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