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Trump’s defeat is a ‘big relief’ for international organizations



São Paulo – While Joe Biden’s victory as president elected by the vote in the United States reverberates around the world and Donald Trump denies defeat, international organizations recognize the democrat’s legitimacy as the new head of the White House. On Monday (9), the secretary general of the United Nations (UN), António Guterres, issued a statement congratulating Biden’s victory. The day before, the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adahnon, also congratulated the new president. “We look forward to working with you and your teams,” announced Tedros at Twitter.

Always the last to make any kind of recognition, waiting for the official result, the international entities took surprise specialists by anticipating the congratulations. For journalist, writer and international correspondent Jamil Chad, the unprecedented stance reveals the “great relief” of these organizations with the victory of Biden and defeat of Trump. Since, unlike Trump, the Democrat “puts them back at the center of the debate”. “Everyone wants to turn the page,” he guarantees, warning that “it is not that the problems were solved with the arrival of Biden”.

Correspondent in Europe for two decades, where he works directly from Geneva, Switzerland, – the symbol city of multilateral cooperation organizations – Jamil Chad evaluates, in an interview with Rafael Garcia, from Current Brazil Newspaper, such as Trump’s defeat and the change of command in the U.S. should impact the field of human rights.

Human rights in the debate

If Trump denied WHO to deal with the pandemic, or the UN Human Rights Council itself to deal with fundamental guarantees, Biden has already indicated that by 2021 he must organize a summit for democracy. According to the journalist, the agenda is positive because it reinforces the idea of ​​the rule of law and the participation of NGOs and civil society. “Just to stop this populist movement, of the extreme right, which in fact exists in the world”, he observes.

The agenda re-emphasizes the importance of organizations and, above all, human rights. What can also be seen as a “form of interference” by the United States over China, for example, ponders Jamil. Anyway, according to him, this is an “agenda that can be very seductive. Many people in the human rights field will applaud the summit in this regard ”.

And the Bolsonaro government?

This will not, however, be the posture of the Jair Bolsonaro government, as predicted by the international correspondent. “For the Brazilian government, for example, from what we already have information, there are many people concerned about this summit for democracy. Because it can become an embarrassment stage for Brazil ”, he analyzes.

This is because, at the summit, issues such as human rights, combating torture, the environment and combating misinformation and fake news must be included. “In other words, this package alone would make many people in Planalto very concerned”, he highlights.

Jamil, who has been closely following the performance of the Brazilian representation under Bolsonaro at the UN, does not know, however, how the country will position itself now that the United States will adopt a new stance. Until then, Brazil’s ambassador to the UN, Maria Nazareth Farani Azevedo, came as an “auxiliary arm” of Trump’s interests, as she stresses.

Yesterday, during a US hearing at the UN Human Rights Council, “submission” was once again exposed. Itamaraty even praised the Trump administration for alleged “advances in the fight against racism”. Against the grain of the audience, which, according to the journalist, was dominated by criticism of police violence and what was called “structural racism” of the American nation.

New position can brake dismantling

“It looked like (the ambassador) had landed from somewhere else in the world, because the American election was partly defined by the movement Black Lives Matter (Black Lives Matter). If you look at the composition of votes, at least 80% of African American men voted for Biden. And 90% of African American women voted for Biden. And the Bolsonaro government has the courage to go on the UN stage to applaud Trump for advancing in the fight against racism. This has no explanation but total submission ”, laments Jamil Chad.

Currently, the Brazilian image in international organizations has gone from “shock” to a “joke” that has become “concern”. “Because many countries have understood that this posture in Brazil undermines the basis of human rights in the world”, explains the international correspondent. That is also why he cites the “relief” of the entities with the defeat of Trump. A new position of the American government, concludes the journalist, “can precisely stop this dismantling of human rights”.

“I want to know how Brazil is going to do to maintain its dismantling stance, which is the stance it has, if its main international ally will now take a different stance. And there is no use in imagining that Brazil has an alliance with Hungary and Poland ”, he quips. So far, the Bolsonaro government has not congratulated Biden for the victory.

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Copywriting: Clara Assunção – Edition: Helder Lima

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Argentines say goodbye to Maradona at Casa Rosada




São Paulo – Thousands of Argentines are gathered in Plaza de Mayo, in the center of Buenos Aires, to bid their last farewell to former player Diego Maradona, the greatest Argentine idol. The body of the world champion has been being watched, since the dawn of this Thursday (26), in Casa Rosada, headquarters of the Argentine government. The last personality who had his farewell at the official residence was former President Néstor Kirchner, who died in 2010.

Maradona’s body arrived at Casa Rosada around 1 am, received by ex-wife Claudia Villafañe and her daughters Dalma and Giannina. This intimate farewell also included the world champions in 1986, as well as other former players, such as defender Mascherano and goalkeeper Goycochea.

The initial forecast of the Argentine government was that the farewell ceremony would continue until Saturday (28). But, at the request of family members, the closure was rescheduled for 4 pm this Thursday.

The wake was open to the public around 6 am. The star’s coffin was covered by the Argentine flag, in addition to a shirt from the national team and another one from Boca Juniors, both with the number 10 “del Diós”.

In the beginning, there was a record of turmoil involving fans and police. Security officers try to control the crowd in an attempt to ensure measures of social distance.

In individual line, they pass by the casket of shirt 10, amid tears, clapping, blessings and thanks. Flowers, shirts and flags are also thrown towards the ace.

By 8 am, the line of fans had already exceeded seven blocks. They also wear shirts from the Argentine national team, Boca or Argentinos Juniors, a team from the capital where Maradona started playing. “It doesn’t look like a wake. It looks like the entrance to a football match ”, said journalist Martin Gonzalez, from the channel All News.

Party night

Despite the restrictions due to the pandemic, the Argentines preferred to gather, in a big party to say goodbye to the idol. During the night, fans of the star and disciples of the “Maradonian Church” started to gather in Praça de Maio.

At the arrival of Boca’s “barra brava” (organized crowd), fireworks were fired, giving the place a championship-ending atmosphere. Maradona was Argentine champion for the club in 1981, before his transfer to Europe, to defend Barcelona.

According to the public news agency Télam, judicial sources said that the autopsy on Maradona’s body determined that “acute pulmonary edema secondary to chronic heart failure” was the cause of his death.

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