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Trump speaks of ‘orderly transition’ after Biden’s victory is confirmed



São Paulo – Hours after inflating his supporters to invade Congress, President Donald Trump said on Thursday morning (7) that “there will be an orderly transition on January 20” after lawmakers confirmed Democratic Joe Biden’s victory in November elections.

“Although I totally disagree with the outcome of the elections, and the facts are on my side, there will still be an orderly transition on January 20,” Trump said in a statement posted on Twitter by his director of social networks, Dan Scavino. The information is Folha de S.Paulo.

“I always said that we would continue our struggle to ensure that
only legal votes were counted. Although this represents the end of the
greatest first term in presidential history, is just the beginning of our
strives to Make America Great Again ”.

Twitter temporarily blocked Trump’s account after the episodes of
violence recorded on Wednesday.

US Congress confirmed Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the elections
presidential elections in a session that entered the dawn of this
Thursday (7) after the seat of the American Legislature was invaded by
extremists inflated by President Donald Trump.

The session, which takes place two weeks before Biden’s inauguration ceremony, was
marked by the violence of Trump supporters and failed attempts
Republican legislators to invalidate the votes of states won by

The session was chaired by Vice President Mike Pence (in the USA, the Vice President also serves as President of the Senate). Earlier on Wednesday, Pence had rejected Trump’s requests to invalidate the Electoral College vote – the president insists on the false claims that the November 3 elections were rigged.

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incompetence, neglect, omission and violation, says expert




São Paulo – The record abstention (51.5%) on the first day of the National High School Examination (Enem) 2020 reflects the incompetence, neglect, undue omission of functional performance and violation of the duty of the Ministry of Education (MEC). The assessment was made today (18) by the executive president of the organization Todos pela Educação, Priscila Cruz.

Data from the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep), the MEC organ responsible for the exam, of the 5,523,029 enrolled, 2,680,697 (48.5%) attended. A record abstention of 51.5%. In Enem’s 20 years, the record so far had been broken in 2009: 37.7%.

Enem exclusion

“The # Enem2020 with 51.5% effectiveness in excluding students”, Gregório Grisa, professor at the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Sul (IFRGS) and specialist in educational data, recorded in his social networks.

The president of the National Union of Students (UNE), Iago Montalvão, recalled that the result confirmed the prognoses of the student entities. “Just as we said. Record abstention. Because the students didn’t want to take the exam. Not! Because they didn’t feel safe, and sometimes they were even prevented from entering crowded rooms. Another poorly organized Enem in the Bolsonaro government. The student loses! ”

Federal deputy Glauber Braga (Psol-RJ) mocked the Minister of Education, Pastor Milton Ribeiro. “The 1st day of Enem had a record abstaining of 51.5%. Most students did not. Several who were unable to enter and did not receive adequate satisfaction. The Minister of Education still had the courage to say that it was ‘a success’. The fight against denialism is daily. ”

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Copywriting: Cida de Oliveira – Edition: Helder Lima

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