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Economy3 months ago

Argentine President contaminated by covid-19 and fulfills isolation

São Paulo – The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, informed on social media that he tested positive for covid-19, after...

Economy3 months ago

Inequality marks self-employed workers, reveals study

São Paulo – The pandemic has produced millions of “entrepreneurs” all over Brazil. In view of the lack of formal...

Economy3 months ago

Panelaço at 8:30 pm closes loud and clear with workers’ lockdown

Sâo Paulo – Panelaço scheduled for 8:30 pm on Wednesday (24) promises to end loudly and clearly the day of...

Economy3 months ago

After 51 deaths back to school, Doria announces vaccination against covid-19 for teachers

São Paulo – After numerous protests by workers education, thousands of cases and 51 deaths caused by the new coronavirus...

Economy3 months ago

Despite ‘sharp times’, É Tudo Verdade shows the vitality of audiovisual production

São Paulo – A photograph from 1964 (Iemanjá festival in Santos), by English Maureen Bisilliat, 90 years old in February,...

Economy3 months ago

‘Lockdown’ of workers will be held this Wednesday

São Paulo – This Wednesday (24), the union centrals are organizing the so-called lockdown of the workers. The action has...

Economy3 months ago

Protest against fuel prices and higher emergency aid

Brasil de Fato – The Frente Povo Sem Medo, the Anti-fascist Deliverers group and application drivers made protest blocks this...

Economy3 months ago

Under mistrust and growth of the extreme right, Bolivia tries to punish coup d’état

São Paulo – “Right now Bolivia is going through a new social upheaval,” warned jurist Paulo Abrão, former National Secretary...

Economy3 months ago

Centrals call workers for lockdown in defense of life

São Paulo – Union centrals are calling on workers from all sectors to join a Lockdown in Defense of Life...

Economy3 months ago

Olympics are maintained, but Japan decides to exclude tourists

São Paulo – The organizing committee for the Tokyo Olympic Games said on Saturday (20) that, due to the pandemic,...

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