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São Paulo Secretary of Health defends the closure of schools to contain covid-19



São Paulo – São Paulo State Secretary of Health, Jean Gorinchteyn, defended today (2) the closure of schools across the state due to the worsening of the covid-19 pandemic. He admitted that the increase in the circulation of people promoted by the return to school has contributed to the worsening of the transmission of the new coronavirus in recent weeks. Today, São Paulo has 15,977 inpatients, with 8,701 in the ward and 7,276 in the ICU, the largest number in the entire pandemic. The increase in hospitalizations is at unprecedented levels, with growth of 19.3% only in the last week. In education, workers register 1,625 cases of covid-19 in schools.

“If we understand that people are threatened by the virus, by the collapse (of the health system), we have to reevaluate situations that could be avoided. One of them is the situation of the school. The problem is not the school, but the movement of people. Teachers, students, parents who take and bring their children. Even in public transport, the exposure that we end up putting people on. At this point, it is worth noting that there are no classes. And we’re going to take that up for discussion at the contingency center. I personally will be discussing this aspect ”, said Gorinchteyn, in a radio interview CBN.

Risks and threats

Since the return to school was announced, teachers and other education workers in São Paulo point out that the risk of contamination by covid-19 would be high in schools. One of the threats mentioned is precisely the increased circulation of people on the streets and in public transport. In the case of teachers, the exposure is even greater, since the majority teaches at more than one school per day. According to the Department of Education, the return to school in the state involves 13.3 million people – about 30% of the population of São Paulo.

Although it cannot be pointed out as the only reason for the worsening of the pandemic in recent weeks, the reopening of schools for the return to face-to-face classes in São Paulo matches exactly the worsening situation of the covid in the state. It also points to ballads and clandestine parties, which have continued to occur in recent months. In addition to these, there is a lack of attitude by the Doria government towards crowds in bars, beaches, shopping centers, etc.

Hospitals overcrowded

The state also assesses the contribution of more contagious strains of the new coronavirus to the multiplication of covid-19. In the last two weeks, the daily average of hospitalizations has skyrocketed from 1,454 to 1,908. The ICU occupancy rate jumped from 66.2%, on February 15, to 74.3% today.

Also on Tuesday, the city of São Paulo registered six state hospitals with 100% occupancy of beds in intensive care units (ICU) for patients with covid. The overall ICU occupancy rate reached 77% yesterday. In the private network of the capital of São Paulo, the ICU occupancy for covid-19 ranges from 80% to 95%. In Greater São Paulo it is 75.5%. Just yesterday, 1,021 people were hospitalized in the region.

In addition to the increase in hospitalizations, the number of daily deaths due to covid-19 in São Paulo also increased. The daily average rose from 219 daily deaths to 242 in the last week, across the state. An increase of 10.5%. In the capital, the daily average of deaths from infection is 49 people, practically 20% of all victims in the state.

A survey by the Union of Teachers of Official Education in the State of São Paulo (Apeoesp) points out that there were 1,625 cases of covid-19 in 768 schools this year. The Doria government made a first survey, on February 16, with 741 confirmed cases and 1,133 suspected cases of covid-19. However, it stopped releasing the data in the following weeks.

Some common sense

The president of Apeoesp and state deputy, Professor Bebel (PT), supported the position of the Secretary of Health and hopes that the Doria government will be aware of accepting the recommendations. “Finally, some Doria government official – and it is not surprising that he is the Secretary of Health – takes a sensible and correct position on the pandemic and on-site classes. Who knows, win the reason against folly and denial and face-to-face classes are immediately suspended. It is what we desire and what we fight for. In defense of life, always ”, said Bebel.

Teachers from the state network have been on strike since February 8 against the return to face-to-face classes without health security conditions.

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Argentine President contaminated by covid-19 and fulfills isolation




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The announcement was made this Saturday (3), the day after Fernández turned 62. “For everyone’s information, I am physically well and, although I wanted to end my birthday without this news, I am also in a good mood,” said the president.

He received the first dose of the vaccine (Sputnik) in January. The second, the following month. “I’m fine, I don’t have any symptoms. Only this fever from yesterday that I reported ”, he declared to the newspaper Clarín. “It is a very complicated virus, and the demonstration is that I got infected, even though I was vaccinated with both doses and with extreme care,” he added.

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who received the second dose of the vaccine today, sent a message of support to “Daqui do Brasil I send good energy, hoping for its prompt recovery. May soon overcome this disease to continue caring for the Argentine people. Hugs, mate! ”He wrote.

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