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Nestlé invests in the country, but refuses to pay labor rights



Brasil de Fato – Nestlé announced that it plans to invest R $ 763 million in operations in Brazil in 2020, but refuses to pay all labor rights. It is for this reason that workers in Vila Velha (ES) protest this Tuesday (22) in front of one of the multinational’s factories since 6am. The demonstration continues until 17h.

With a base date in June, the Swiss company refuses to pay Profit Sharing (PLR), agreed in a collective agreement about 30 years ago. It also proposes to reduce food stamps by 51.4%, from R $ 680 to R $ 350.

According to the president of the Workers Union in
Espírito Santo (Sindialecimento-ES), Linda Morais,
company also sought to reduce the wage floor, but retreated after pressure
of the workers.

“We have had cases of workers infected with covid-19, but production has never stopped. It is not fair for Nestlé at this point to want to cut about 50% of workers’ rice and beans, which is a food aid that makes a difference, nor is it fair for Nestlé not to deliver profit sharing. Therefore, we are going to fight and if necessary we will go on strike to defend the rights of workers ”, says Linda.

A situation similar to that of Espírito Santo workers
Bahian workers. The Union of Workers in the Industries of
Food and Related Products of the State of Bahia (Sindialecimento-BA) has done
a series of pressures with the company to guarantee rights.

With a base date in April, the union entity has also carried out
protests at the factory door in Feira de Santana (BA) in September, but
so far has not received a return on the salary campaign and the
maintenance of rights.

“We hope that the largest food company in the world, present in 200 countries, with Brazil in fourth place in the world ranking, values ​​workers and does not cause further insecurity, reduced wages and extinction of benefits achieved over the past years” , says the secretary of Organization of Sindialecimento Bahia, Eduardo Sodré, also director of the Brazilian Democratic Confederation of Workers in the Food Industries of the Central Única dos Trabalhadores (Contac-CUT).

According to Sodré, the company also refuses to pay the PLR ​​also approved collectively for 30 years. In Bahia, Nestlé proposes to reduce the food ticket from R $ 675 to R $ 350 and the salary floor from R $ 1,490 to R $ 1,250, situations still under discussion.

“Workers have guaranteed an increase in the company’s profit even during the covid-19 pandemic and receive neglect as a response. We also know that there was an overall growth of 18.3% in net profit in the first half of 2020 ”, highlights the leader.

Sodré refers to the growth reported by the company this year, in relation to the data for the first half of 2020. The multinational company had a net profit of 18.9 billion Swiss francs, which is equivalent to R $ 114.34 billion, an increase of 18 , 3% compared to 2019.

THE Brasil de Fato he contacted Nestlé’s press office in Brazil and did not get a return until the publication of this report.

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Centrals promote act for emergency aid of R $ 600 in São Paulo




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Positive for covid

The president of Força Sindical, Miguel Torres, tested positive for covid-19. On video, he said he had no serious symptoms and was breathing normally. Already medicated, he will be quarantined at home. With the confirmation, the manager’s family is conducting tests.

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