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Marcola Bituca recounts internal wars and rebirth in ‘Trojan Horse’



São Paulo – The search for Bahian rapper Marcola Bituca involves a question: not being. His experience on the outskirts of Salvador, working as a street vendor and also as a survivor of a suicide attempt, made the artist resignify his way of observing his existence and living life.

On his new conceptual record, Trojan Horse, accompanied by a short film, both released on the last 5th, Marcola Bituca is able to express this interaction between the old and the new being, in just four songs. However, to understand this rapper’s quest, it is necessary to look at the path already taken.


A natural artist from the neighborhood of Itapuã, in Salvador, Marcola Bituca started his career at the age of 15, playing in school. In 2012, he had the opportunity to go to Rio de Janeiro, with the student movement, and meet rappers who inspired him, like MC Marechal. “I came back with the intention of being a professional”, he recalls.

The trajectory was not easy. In 2015, under the stage name of Marcos Morcegão, he released his first album, Stanley and the City of Underground, with his old group, Turma do Bairro. “We broke out here in the city, we did a show every weekend. I had just become a father, we were a little inconsequential and the group ended ”, says Marcola.

Between comings and goings in music and in life, the Bahian artist found himself close to death in an attempted suicide. The rebirth, as he himself reports, gave birth to a new personality. “In December 2019, I started a process of destroying a persona, whose goal was success and fame, because it would kill me. Today, I live for a purpose and music is just his tool ”, he explained.

Music is a goddess

Marcola Bituca’s mission with his music goes beyond the rhymes, the beats or having the best flow. Its objective is to talk about the existence of people, including yours, so that your listeners can recognize themselves as a being. So even if he holds a microphone, he doesn’t want people to see him as an MC.

In the song Silver Thread, Marcola rhymes: “They think I’m Marcola and that’s why they don’t understand me”. There, according to him, is an example of this personal search. “When I say I’m not an MC, it’s not dissatisfaction with rap. When I talk about ceasing to be, it is about being those labels, to reach a higher level in my spiritual side. To stop being, it is necessary to get out of the bonds of society. I am nothing, I just am ”, he says.

For him, his musical work became a method of manifesting his faith and the philosophy of the Bahá’í Faith, a religion that emphasizes the spiritual union of all mankind. “I see music as a goddess within the pillar of life. When I started to apply religious practices in my life, it was transformed into music. ”

Trojan Horse

In the short film, Marcola and a child interpret a process of reincarnation of being. With a white suit, the rapper makes his move to another plane, but passes on the “keys of knowledge” so that his next incarnation continues his work.

“The crowd can see it as something playful, but it is a presentation about old and new beings. The short is very reflective, without interpretations and dialogues, it is just looks and movements. We tried to convey this message in the most practical way possible ”, he explained.

On the first track of the disc, Saint war, Marcola Bituca mentions the battle of July 2, 1823, which triggered the independence of Bahia. He explains that, in addition to expressing a personal internal war, the war was also an example of the communion of peoples. “The 2nd of July is one of the most important episodes in this country, which brought people from different cultures and backgrounds together to fight for a common goal. We have to stop seeing ourselves as unequal people, end stereotypes ”, he says.

Despite having only four songs, the album carries a variety of sounds in addition to rap, such as reggae and electronic elements. The artist says that this search for his own melodies is the result of Salvador, a culturally rich city.

Culture cauldron

“I am totally influenced by the music of my city and my neighborhood. I have lived in Itaupã for more than 10 years and here there are many cultural movements, such as samba reggae, samba, forming a melting pot of culture. The musical dynamics here are widely traveled. Each year new sounds emerge, artists presenting new forms of percussion. So, it’s a different way of listening and relating to music ”, sums up Marcelo Bituca.

The EP Trojan Horse is available on all digital platforms and its short on YouTube. The work has the participation of rapper manaura Victor Xamã and production of Mouseíon Beats. The images were filmed at Lagoa do Abaeté, in Salvador, and have photography by Matheus Leite.

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