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In the darkness of pandemic and conservatism, MPB4 and Kleiton & Kledir sing hope



São Paulo – Late 1970s, early 1980s. Brazil is still halfway to democracy. Already with its 15 years of road, the vocal group MPB4 had presented the spectacle Good Times, Huh?, written by Millôr Fernandes. One of the songs, Puppet Circus, belonged to two gauchos brothers still little known, but it drew attention by the blunt lyrics. This musical encounter would consolidate the following year, in 1980, with a song that still today gives identity to the group and the duo: Turned. Forty years later, in difficult times, they come together to sing Peace and love.

Both MPB4 and the brothers Kleiton & Kledir released records in that 1980, with this track in common. Forty years and many stories later, they are reunited with a song composed under the anguish of the pandemic, but which ended up being light, like “a light in the cold of darkness”, as the lyrics written by Kledir say.

RBA Playback / Editing
Records released in 1980: the meeting of a still unknown double gaucho and a vocal group with years of road

“Kleiton sent me the song, still without lyrics, and I started writing right in the middle of this pandemic”, says the composer, in a virtual chat organized by producer Marcelo Cabanas, which aired on September 23rd. For a long time with MPB4, Cabanas has been promoting meetings to tell the story of the group. A recent guest in these conversations was Chico Buarque.

Kledir remembers the emergence of the music sent by his brother. “People are very distressed, a lot of people are depressed. As if the world is not enough as it is, with a conservative wave everywhere ”, he says. In this sense, about Brazil, according to him, there is not even a word that can define “what we are experiencing”.

Hopeful skeptic

He says that when he looked at the melody, his state of mind was skeptical about the possibilities of change – in the way of life, of people. Even so, even though skeptical, “a letter full of hope came out”, which won precisely the title of Peace and love.

Kleiton, in turn, when talking to Miltinho, from MPB4, said that he wanted to make the arrangement the way the quartet wanted. But the partner asked him to arrange the voices as he saw fit. The composer states that he wanted, then, to “pay a small tribute” to the vocalist and arranger Magro, who died in 2012. Directed by filmmaker Tiago Arakilian, friend of the gauchos and resident in Paris, the clip was made from recordings of the musicians in their cell phones.

Check out the clip here Peace and love.

In Turned The Peace and love

Kleiton lives in the house that once belonged to Miltinho, in Rio de Janeiro. Kledir says that the first contact with MPB4 was watching the group on TV, singing at festivals in the 1960s. At the 1967 V Record festival, in which Chico and MPB4 sing Live Wheel, for example, Kleiton was 16 and Kledir, 14. “We were two fans, we lived in Pelotas, then in Porto Alegre.” With the burst of Turned, the group and the duo went on tour in Brazil. “They left to travel and took us together, in tow. Two boys… The experience with them was a school. ”

Music of hope in the time of trouble, Peace and love speaks of solidarity. “This idea of ​​loving your neighbor I hope will continue,” says Kledir, perhaps a little less skeptical.

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