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In ‘Arteiro’, Ramonzin explores musical freedom to create his own rap



São Paulo – In the dictionary, the word “freedom” means an individual’s absolute and legal level of independence. On his new album Mischievous, Carlos Ramon de Souza Procópio, Ramonzin, lives up to the term. In 11 songs, the rapper from Rio presents a variety of sounds capable of making him print unique characteristics and create his own style of rap.

Ramozin’s new album has a mix of organic and electronic instruments, which are added to other musical genres, such as samba, funk and pop. The artist explains that the fact that he is a trumpeter and music producer, helps in this more free exploration when it comes to creating.

“Before making any music, I have a much higher quality of musical study because I am a producer. I was forced to study music to produce, which made me know a lot. This gave me more luggage and a larger perimeter to be able to insert new sounds into my rhymes ”, explained the MC.

In 2017, Ramonzin released the EP Made in Madureira, an experimental work that already added its rhymes to other musicalities, such as the Bolero Cuban rhythm and violins of orchestras. He says that this experience made some fans not understand the proposal.

“When I released the EP, I already had an idea well ahead, mixing rap with other genres, but I needed to work more closely than people hear now. So, I refined my musical sense to print the aesthetic I wanted on the record. It gave me the freedom to transform my rap into this wide universe. The album has a lot of texture, an atmosphere in the voice, everything designed in the studio ”, he added.

From the Oath to Los Angeles

Ramonzin is a child of Morro do Juramento, located in the North Zone of Rio. His career began as early as the late 90s, after contact with skate and skate wheels. freestyle. Since then, the central district of Lapa has become his second home, where he turned the early hours at hip-hop parties. “Everything I lived at that time, I brought with me until today, because it was teaching,” he says.

In 2008, the rapper released his first EP Up the slope. In 2014, it was the turn of his first album to hit the streets: Circus of Motives. Considered one of the promises of rap at the beginning of the last decade, Ramonzin says he was unable to mobilize on the market, which prevented him from gaining a foothold in music.

“I come from a different class, I had many difficulties, which prevented me from mobilizing on the market. I had no resources in time to release music, especially with two children who were small at the time. I never stopped working and today, people recognize me after a road of many years ”, he celebrates.

If before there was difficulty, now with Mischievous Ramonzin already has reason to celebrate. In late October, he won the Los Angeles International Music Video Festival 2020 (LAMV), in the category of best Brazilian video clip, with the track “Vivência”, in partnership with BK ’.

The clip, recorded at home, with the two MCs in quarantine, reflects on everyday experiences, struggles, goals, perseverance in art for a better world and all the contrast of Brazilian society. “The moment of isolation was important for us to review simplicity in the things we do. My lyrics are about what I live and feel. It is one of the songs that most says who I am, that brings a traditional boombap and well-drawn lines ”, celebrated the MC from Rio.

Rap as a critical tool

In Mischievous, Ramonzin mixes the aesthetics of funk carioca with rap – two cultures of similar origin. One of the main examples is the range Made In Madureira which, according to him, talks about the rescue and belonging of the black and peripheral people.

The artist explains that he “made a point” of bringing this sound to work. “For affinity, instead of exploring the trap, I prefer to work with funk,” he said. He adds that the objective was to show that the two cultures are still tools of protest. “What you have in music today, in relation to funk, is the agenda for delivering entertainment. So, I made the rescue so that people could understand the root of this rhythm, which is African in origin and emerged as protest music for oppressed people ”, he says.

The song “Gueto Feroz”, featuring rapper Djonga from Minas Gerais, is the flagship of the album Mischievous, in Ramonzin’s evaluation. He says the song portrays the political and economic discourse that has always been present in his career. On one of the lines, he shoots: “Take your privileges and stick them where you like best / And it is because of this veiled fascism that meaningless hatred kills us“.

Before the current federal government, the MC of Rio de Janeiro says that there is no space to stay on the fence. “Staying on the fence is a speech from the right to pretend that the balance is the same on both sides. I have a very strong criticism of capital and the hegemonic right that rules the money. We cannot fall for that speech ”, he concludes.

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