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House approves law ‘Aldir Blanc’, emergency aid for culture



São Paulo – The plenary of the Chamber approved on Tuesday afternoon (26) the Bill 1,075, which allocates emergency resources to the culture sector. Also known as the cultural emergency law, the PL, by Benedita da Silva (PT-RJ) and several other authors, who joined (attached) other projects, had deputy Jandira Feghali (PCdoB-RJ), who suggested the name composer Aldir Blanc for the law.

According to the report, R $ 3 billion will be allocated to states and municipalities. “A collective effort,” said Benedita, stating that currently “many artists suffer from hunger”.

In the text, the result of an agreement between the parties, the parliamentarian said that culture should be part of any development project. Art is “a sister of education and a reducer of violence, a builder of civilization, but it is often not seen as a craft, as work”. The State does not produce art and culture, he recalled, but it needs to “formulate public policies, foster, encourage”.

The project includes emergency assistance to workers in culture and support for cultural spaces. These supports include independent theaters, music and capoeira schools, circuses, film clubs, regional tradition centers, community libraries and museums, popular festivals, street theaters, bookstores, bookstores, ateliers, galleries, fairs and art galleries .

One exception was the Novo. The party leader in the Chamber, Paulo Ganime (RJ), although he praised the text, said it was not the time to discuss sectoral policies. For this reason, he guided by the vote against the project.


Lídice da Matta (PSB-BA) recalled that while people continue to consume culture, those who make culture “are living dramatically”. And Chico D´Ângelo (PDT-RJ) cited the example of musician and arranger Luís Filipe de Lima, who over the weekend announced via social network that for financial difficulties he was selling the seven-string guitar he has been using for 25 years. A virtual kitty was organized so that he could remain with the instrument.

Even the government leader in the Chamber, deputy Vitor Hugo (PSL-GO), said that the bench would vote in favor. And he affirmed that this meant the recognition, by the Executive, “that culture is something very important for Brazil”. Jandira highlighted the speech, emphasizing the commitment to the presidential sanction, after the vote by the Senate.

Shortly before, Fernanda Melchiona (Psol-RJ), had stated that “to save culture, it is necessary to defeat Jair Messias Bolsonaro”. She criticized the performance of the sector’s special secretariat and stressed the importance of the aid. “Artists were the first to stop, because shows need an audience. (There are) artists going hungry, equipment being dismantled for lack of resources ”. Alexandre Leite (DEM-SP) said that “those who need it most will benefit”.

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US continues under protests over murder of black man by white police officer




São Paulo – Thousands of Americans have been occupying the streets of cities in the United States since Saturday night (30) and all this Sunday, in protest for the murder by suffocation of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man. The crime, committed by a white policeman, occurred in the city of Minneapolis last Monday and was filmed.

This weekend’s demonstrations took place in about 30 cities in 16 states of that country. In cities like Washington, Seattle and Dallas, crowds gathered on the streets to denounce the police violence and racial discrimination that continue to be frequent in the United States. There was police repression, turmoil, looting and depredation in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and Miami. In these last four, a curfew was decreed, in an attempt to inhibit the demonstrations.

In New York, about 200 people were arrested for participating in conflicts with police. Vehicles were burned in Atlanta. Five Los Angeles police men were injured when they suppressed popular protests.

Predictably, President Donald Trump said the protests are fueled by “a group of criminals, vandals and anarchists”. He also tried to reverse the logic of the demonstrations, saying that they “dishonor the memory” of George Floyd.

According to the official, “violence and vandalism are the work of extreme left groups that terrorize innocent people, destroy jobs and companies and burn buildings.”

Trump signaled support for police forces and vowed to end the protests. “Today, the United States needs creation, not destruction. They need security, not chaos. And there will be no chaos! We support the vast majority of extraordinary police officers dedicated to serving the public. They protect us from gangs and drugs and risk their lives for us every day ”.

Protests also in Europe

Demonstrations this weekend for justice for the assassination of George Floyd were also organized in cities in Europe, with emphasis on the acts in Berlin and London.

In the German capital, protests took place on Saturday afternoon, starting with a rally in front of the US embassy. Thousands of people attended the event organized by the Black Lives Matter movement.

In England, thousands of people marched through London’s Peckham district on Sunday. Most of the region’s population is black and immigrant. There was also concentration in front of the American embassy in the English capital.

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