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Fundeb was disfigured and privatized by Bolsonaro’s base in the Chamber, evaluates CNTE



São Paulo – The National Confederation of Education Workers (CNTE) and the National Campaign for the Right to Education estimate that Fundeb has been completely disfigured in Bill of Law (PL) 4,372 / 2020, which regulates it. For the entities, the text approved on the night of Thursday (10) by 311 votes to 131 is unconstitutional and threatens the fulfillment of the national teaching floor and the policies for valuing careers in education, representing a serious risk to Brazilian public education already so fragile. The proposal goes to the Senate vote.

Moving against Amendment 108/2020, which placed in the Constitution the Fund for Maintenance and Development of Basic Education and Valorization of Education Professionals, Fundeb, the PL allows partnerships with the private sector that, in practice, are nothing more than transfer resources from the fund itself to finance the private network of technical, children’s and philanthropic schools, among others.

Chamber approves Fundeb, but diverts public funds to Sistema S and even schools linked to churches

CNTE highlights that the PL allows unrestricted agreements with daycare centers, pre-schools and private institutions that offer special education. And it authorizes the reservation of 10% of the places of elementary and high school for the private network, including those maintained by confessional entities (linked to churches) and charities. “Those that do philanthropy with public resources in the country”, highlights the confederation, in an open letter to the population.

In addition, extracurricular activities offered during school hours are transferred to the private sector. Due to this unprecedented measure in Brazilian education, community, confessional and philanthropic organizations will be able to get more than 30% of Fundeb’s student cost.

Setback in Fundeb

According to the National Campaign for the Right to Education, which directly acted in approving the amendment that made Fundeb permanent, the PL disrespects the Federal Constitution of 1988 and the democratic pact for the right to education.

By making room for agreements and deepening privatizations, the PL goes against the Federal Constitution. “Paragraphs 3⁰ of Article 212 and 1⁰ of Article 213 ensure the universal provision of public education, with a standard of quality and equity as provided for in the National Education Plan”, says in a note that includes several civil society entities that defend free and quality public education for all.

The Campaign considers that, with the financing of professionals from private networks with funds from Fundeb, there will be a lack of resources for the payment of professionals from public networks – who already earn salaries 24% lower than those with the same training, but work in the private network. Thus, the regulation of the amendment increases the precariousness of education.


However, he highlighted aspects of amendment 108/2020, which represents a victory and a great advance for Brazilian education by expanding resources and improving their distribution, in addition to establishing the Student Quality Cost as a reference and the National Basic Education Assessment System as evaluation.

CNTE points out that the municipalities, especially the smaller ones, will be seriously affected by the reduction of Fundeb’s revenues with the transfer to the private sector. And it calls on managers, workers, students and the school community to reject the setbacks imposed by the Chamber and to pressure the Senate to reverse the points of the new Fundeb that will harm public education so much.

Permanent Fundeb is unanimously approved in the Senate

Check how deputies voted

Congressperson Broken UF Vote
Abilio Santana PL BA YEA
Abou Anni PSL SP YEA
Acácio Favacho Pros AP YEA
Adolfo Viana PSDB BA YEA
Adriana Ventura New SP YEA
Adriano do Baldy PP GO YEA
Aécio Neves PSDB MG YEA
Afonso Florence PT BA NOT
Afonso Motta PDT LOL NOT
Aguinaldo Ribeiro PP PB ABSENT
Airton Faleiro PT PAN NOT
AJ Albuquerque PP CE YEA
Alan Rick DEM B.C YEA
Alceu Moreira MDB LOL YEA
Alcides Rodrigues Patriot GO YEA
Alê Silva PSL MG YEA
Alencar Santana Braga PT SP NOT
Alessandro Molon PSB RJ NOT
Alex Manente Citizenship SP YEA
Alex Santana PDT BA ABSENT
Alexandre Frota PSDB SP NOT
Alexandre Leite DEM SP YEA
Alexandre Padilha PT SP NOT
Alexandre Serfiotis PSD RJ YEA
Alexis Fonteyne New SP YEA
Alice Portugal PC do B BA NOT
Aliel Machado PSB PR NOT
Aline Gurgel Republicans AP YEA
Aline Sleutjes PSL PR YEA
Altineu Côrtes PL RJ ABSENT
Aluisio Mendes PSC BAD YEA
Amaro Neto Republicans ES YEA
André Abdon PP AP YEA
André de Paula PSD PE YEA
André Ferreira PSC PE ABSENT
André Figueiredo PDT CE NOT
André Fufuca PP BAD YEA
André Janones Forward MG NOT
Angela Amin PP SC YEA
Antonio Brito PSD BA YEA
Arlindo Chinaglia PT SP NOT
Arnaldo Jardim Citizenship SP YEA
Aroldo Martins Republicans PR YEA
Arthur Lira PP AL ABSENT
Arthur Oliveira Maia DEM BA YEA
Attila Lins PP AM ABSENT
Attila Lira PP PI YEA
Augusto Coutinho Solidarity PE YEA
Áurea Carolina Psol MG NOT
Aureo Ribeiro Solidarity RJ YEA
Bacelar Can BA NOT
Benedita da Silva PT RJ NOT
Benes Leocadio Republicans RN YEA
Beto Faro PT PAN NOT
Beto Pereira PSDB MS YEA
Beto Rosado PP RN YEA
Bia Cavassa PSDB MS YEA
Bia Kicis PSL DF YEA
Bibo Nunes PSL LOL YEA
Bilac Pinto DEM MG YEA
Bira do Pindaré PSB BAD NOT
Open mouth Pros PR YEA
Bohn Gass PT LOL NOT
Bosco Costa PL SE ABSENT
Bosco Saraiva Solidarity AM NOT
Bozzella PSL SP YEA
Bruna Furlan PSDB SP YEA
Cacá Leão PP BA YEA
Camilo Capiberibe PSB AP NOT
Captain Alberto Neto Republicans AM YEA
Captain Augusto PL SP YEA
Captain Fábio Abreu PL PI YEA
Captain Wagner Pros CE YEA
Carla Dickson Pros RN YEA
Carla Zambelli PSL SP ABSENT
Carlos Bezerra MDB MT YEA
Carlos Chiodini MDB SC YEA
Carlos Gomes Republicans LOL YEA
Carlos Henrique Gaguim DEM TO YEA
Carlos Jordy PSL RJ YEA
Carlos Sampaio PSDB SP YEA
Carlos Veras PT PE NOT
Carlos Zarattini PT SP NOT
Carmen Zanotto Citizenship SC ABSENT
Caroline de Toni PSL SC YEA
Cássio Andrade PSB PAN NOT
Celio Moura PT TO NOT
Célio Silveira PSDB GO YEA
Célio Studart PV CE NOT
Celso Maldaner MDB SC YEA
Celso Russomanno Republicans SP YEA
Celso Sabino PSDB PAN YEA
Cezinha de Madureira PSD SP YEA
Charles Fernandes PSD BA NOT
Charlles Evangelis PSL MG YEA
Chico D’Angelo PDT RJ NOT
Chiquinho Brazão Forward RJ YEA
Chris Tonietto PSL RJ ABSENT
Christiane de Souza Yared PL PR YEA
Christino Aureo PP RJ YEA
Clarissa Garotinho Pros RJ YEA
Claudio Cajado PP BA YEA
Cleber Verde Republicans BAD YEA
Colonel Armando PSL SC YEA
Colonel Chrisóstomo PSL RO YEA
Colonel Tadeu PSL SP YEA
Cristiano Vale PL PAN YEA
From Vitoria Citizenship ES YEA
Dagoberto Nogueira PDT MS NOT
Damião Feliciano PDT PB NOT
Daniel Almeida PC do B BA ABSENT
Daniel Coelho Citizenship PE YEA
Daniel Freitas PSL SC YEA
Daniel Silveira PSL RJ ABSENT
Daniel Trzeciak PSDB LOL YEA
Daniela do Waguinho MDB RJ NOT
Danilo Cabral PSB PE NOT
Danilo Forte PSDB CE NOT
Danrlei de Deus Hinterholz PSD LOL YEA
David Miranda Psol RJ NOT
David Soares DEM SP YEA
Delegate Antônio Furtado PSL RJ ABSTENTION
Delegate Éder Mauro PSD PAN YEA
Delegate Marcelo Freitas PSL MG YEA
Delegate Pablo PSL AM YEA
Deputy Waldir PSL GO YEA
Denis Bezerra PSB CE NOT
Diego Andrade PSD MG ABSENT
Diego Garcia Can PR YEA
Dimas Fabiano PP MG YEA
Domingos Savio PSDB MG YEA
Dr. Agripino Magalhães Pros CE YEA
Dr. Frederico Patriot MG ABSENT
Dr. Jaziel PL CE YEA
Dr. Leonardo Solidarity MT YEA
Dr. Luiz Antonio Teixeira Jr. PP RJ YEA
Dr. Luiz Ovando PSL MS ABSENT
Dr. Zacharias Calil DEM GO YEA
Dr. Soraya Manato PSL ES YEA
Dr. Vanda Milani Solidarity B.C YEA
Dulce Miranda MDB TO YEA
Edilázio Júnior PSD BAD YEA
Edmilson Rodrigues Psol PAN ABSENT
Edna Henrique PSDB PB YEA
Eduardo Barbosa PSDB MG YEA
Eduardo Bismarck PDT CE NOT
Eduardo Bolsonaro PSL SP YEA
Eduardo Braide Can BAD ABSENT
Eduardo Costa PTB PAN YEA
Eduardo Cury PSDB SP YEA
Eduardo da Fonte PP PE YEA
Efraim Filho DEM PB ABSENT
Elcione Barbalho MDB PAN YEA
Eli Borges Solidarity TO ABSENT
Eli Corrêa Filho DEM SP YEA
Elias Vaz PSB GO NOT
Elmar Nascimento DEM BA ABSENT
Emanuel Pinheiro Neto PTB MT NOT
Emidinho Madeira PSB MG NOT
Aeneas Reis PSL MG YEA
Enio Verri PT PR NOT
Enrico Misasi PV SP ABSENT
Erika Kokay PT DF NOT
Eros Biondini Pros MG YEA
Euclydes Pettersen PSC MG YEA
Evair Vieira de Melo PP ES YEA
Expedito Netto PSD RO NOT
Fábio Henrique PDT SE NOT
Fábio Mitidieri PSD SE ABSENT
Fábio Ramalho MDB MG YEA
Fabio Reis MDB SE YEA
Fabio Schiochet PSL SC ABSENT
Fábio Trad PSD MS YEA
Fausto Pinato PP SP ABSENT
Felício Laterça PSL RJ YEA
Felipe Carreras PSB PE YEA
Felipe Francischini PSL PR YEA
Felipe Rigoni PSB ES NOT
Félix Mendonça Júnior PDT BA NOT
Fernanda Melchionna Psol LOL NOT
Fernando Coelho Filho DEM PE YEA
Fernando Monteiro PP PE YEA
Fernando Rodolfo PL PE NOT
Filipe Barros PSL PR YEA
Flávia Arruda PL DF YEA
Flávia Morais PDT GO NOT
Flaviano Melo MDB B.C YEA
Flávio Nogueira PDT PI YEA
Flordelis PSD RJ YEA
Francisco Jr. PSD GO YEA
Franco Cartafina PP MG YEA
Fred Costa Patriot MG ABSENT
Frei Anastacio Ribeiro PT PB ABSENT
Gelson Azevedo PL RJ YEA
Noronha Genecias Solidarity CE YEA
General Girão PSL RN YEA
General Peternelli PSL SP YEA
Geninho Zuliani DEM SP YEA
Geovania de Sá PSDB SC ABSENT
Gervásio Maia PSB PB NOT
Giacobo PL PR YEA
Gil Cutrim PDT BAD YEA
Gilberto Abramo Republicans MG YEA
Gilberto Nascimento PSC SP ABSENT
Gilson Marques New SC YEA
Giovani Cherini PL LOL YEA
Giovani Feltes MDB LOL YEA
Glauber Braga Psol RJ NOT
Glaustin from Fokus PSC GO YEA
Gleisi Hoffmann PT PR NOT
Gonzaga Patriota PSB PE NOT
Greyce Elias Forward MG YEA
Guiga Peixoto PSL SP YEA
Guilherme Derrite PP SP YEA
Guilherme Mussi PP SP ABSENT
Gustavo Fruet PDT PR ABSENT
Gustinho Ribeiro Solidarity SE YEA
Gutemberg Reis MDB RJ YEA
Haroldo Cathedral PSD RR YEA
Hector Freire PSL CE YEA
Hector Schuch PSB LOL NOT
Helder Salomão PT ES NOT
Helio Costa Republicans SC YEA
Helio Leite DEM PAN YEA
Helio Lopes PSL RJ YEA
Henrique Fontana PT LOL NOT
Hercílio Coelho Diniz MDB MG ABSENT
Herculano Passos MDB SP YEA
Hermes Parcianello MDB PR YEA
Hiran Gonçalves PP RR YEA
Hugo Motta Republicans PB YEA
Idilvan Alencar PDT CE NOT
Igor Kannário DEM BA YEA
Igor Timo Can MG NOT
Iracema Portella PP PI ABSENT
Isnaldo Bulhões Jr. MDB AL YEA
Ivan Valente Psol SP NOT
Jandira Feghali PC do B RJ NOT
Jaqueline Cassol PP RO YEA
Jefferson Campos PSB SP YEA
Jerome Goergen PP LOL ABSENT
Jessica Sales MDB B.C YEA
Jesus Sérgio PDT B.C NOT
Jhonatan de Jesus Republicans RR YEA
João Campos Republicans GO YEA
João Carlos Bacelar PL BA YEA
John Daniel PT SE NOT
João H. Campos PSB PE NOT
João Maia PL RN YEA
João Marcelo Souza MDB BAD ABSENT
João Roma Republicans BA YEA
Joaquim Passarinho PSD PAN YEA
Joenia Wapichana NETWORK RR NOT
Joice Hasselmann PSL SP YEA
Jorge Braz Republicans RJ YEA
Jorge Goetten PL SC YEA
Jorge Solla PT BA NOT
José Airton Félix Cirilo PT CE NOT
José Guimarães PT CE NOT
Jose Mario Schreiner DEM GO YEA
Jose Medeiros Can MT YEA
José Nelto Can GO AUSENTTE
José Nunes PSD BA YEA
José Priante MDB PAN YEA
José Ricardo PT AM NOT
José Rocha PL BA YEA
Joseildo Ramos PT BA ABSENT
Josimar Maranhãozinho PL BAD ABSENT
Juarez Costa MDB MT YEA
Julian Lemos PSL PB YEA
Julio Cesar PSD PI YEA
Julio Cesar Ribeiro Republicans DF YEA
Julio Delgado PSB MG NOT
Juninho do Pneu DEM RJ YEA
Junio ​​Amaral PSL MG YEA
Junior Ferrari PSD PAN YEA
Júnior Lourenço PL BAD YEA
Junior Mano PL CE YEA
Juscelino Filho DEM BAD ABSENT
Kim Kataguiri DEM SP YEA
Laercio Oliveira PP SE YEA
Andrada’s Lafayette Republicans MG YEA
Lauriete PSC ES YEA
Leandre PV PR YEA
Leda Sadala Forward AP ABSENT
Leo de Brito PT B.C NOT
Leo Moraes Can RO YEA
Leo Motta PSL MG YEA
Leonardo Monteiro PT MG NOT
Leonidas Cristino PDT CE NOT
Leur Lomanto Júnior DEM BA YEA
Lídice da Mata PSB BA NOT
Lincoln Portela PL MG YEA
Liziane Bayer PSB LOL YEA
Loester Trutis PSL MS YEA
Lourival Gomes PSL RJ ABSENT
Lucas Gonzalez New MG YEA
Lucas Redecker PSDB LOL YEA
Lucas Vergilio Solidarity GO YEA
Luciano Bivar PSL PE ABSENT
Luciano Ducci PSB PR NOT
Lucio Mosquini MDB RO YEA
Luis Miranda DEM DF YEA
Luis Tibé Forward MG ABSENT
Luisa Canziani PTB PR YEA
Luiz Carlos PSDB AP YEA
Luiz Carlos Motta PL SP YEA
Luiz Lima PSL RJ YEA
Luiz Nishimori PL PR ABSENT
Luiz Philippe de Orleans and Bragança PSL SP YEA
Luiza Erundina Psol SP NOT
Luiz Antônio Correia PL RJ YEA
Luizão Goulart Republicans PR YEA
Luizianne Lins PT CE NOT
Magda Mofatto PL GO YEA
Major Fabiana PSL RJ YEA
Mara Rocha PSDB B.C YEA
Marcel van Hattem New LOL YEA
Marcelo Aro PP MG YEA
Marcelo Brum PSL LOL YEA
Marcelo Calero Citizenship RJ NOT
Marcelo Freixo Psol RJ NOT
Marcelo Moraes PTB LOL YEA
Marcelo Nilo PSB BA NOT
Marcelo Ramos PL AM YEA
Marcio Alvino PL SP YEA
Marcio Biolchi MDB LOL YEA
Márcio Jerry PC do B BAD NOT
Márcio Labre PSL RJ ABSENT
Marcio Marinho Republicans BA ABSENT
Marco Bertaiolli PSD SP YEA
Marcos Aurélio Sampaio MDB PI YEA
Marcos Pereira Republicans SP YEA
Margarete Coelho PP PI YEA
Margaret Solomon PT MG NOT
Maria do Rosário PT LOL NOT
Maria Rosas Republicans SP YEA
Mariana Carvalho PSDB RO ABSENT
Marília Arraes PT PE NOT
Marina Santos Solidarity PI YEA
Mário Heringer PDT MG NOT
Mário Negromonte Jr. PP BA YEA
Marlon Santos PDT LOL YEA
Marreca Filho Patriot BAD YEA
Marx Beltrão PSD AL YEA
Maurício Dziedricki PTB LOL YEA
Mauro Benevides Filho PDT CE NOT
Mauro Lopes MDB MG YEA
Mauro Nazif PSB RO NOT
Merlong Solano PT PI NOT
Miguel Lombardi PL SP YEA
Milton Vieira Republicans SP ABSENT
Misael Varella PSD MG YEA
Moses Rodrigues MDB CE ABSENT
Natalie Bonavides PT RN NOT
Nelson Barbudo PSL MT YEA
Nereu Crispim PSL LOL YEA
Neri Geller PP MT YEA
Newton Cardoso Jr MDB MG ABSENT
Nicoletti PSL RR YEA
Nilson Pinto PSDB PAN YEA
Nilson Stainsack PP SC YEA
Nilto Tatto PT SP NOT
Nivaldo Albuquerque PTB AL YEA
Norma Ayub DEM ES YEA
Odair Cunha PT MG NOT
Olival Marques DEM PAN YEA
Orlando Silva PC do B SP ABSENT
Osires Damaso PSC TO NOT
Ossesio Silva Republicans PE YEA
Otoni de Paula PSC RJ YEA
Otto Alencar Filho PSD BA YEA
Father João PT MG NOT
Pastor Eurico Patriot PE ABSENT
Pastor Gil PL BAD YEA
Sergeant Pastor Isidório Forward BA YEA
Patrus Ananias PT MG NOT
Paula Belmonte Citizenship DF YEA
Paulão PT AL NOT
Paulo Abi-Ackel PSDB MG ABSENT
Paulo Azi DEM BA YEA
Paulo Bengtson PTB PAN YEA
Paulo Eduardo Martins PSC PR YEA
Paulo Freire Costa PL SP YEA
Paulo Ganime New RJ YEA
Paulo Guedes PT MG NOT
Paulo Magalhães PSD BA YEA
Paulo Pereira da Silva Solidarity SP YEA
Paulo Pimenta PT LOL NOT
Paulo Ramos PDT RJ NOT
Paulo Teixeira PT SP ABSENT
Pedro Augusto Bezerra PTB CE YEA
Pedro Cunha Lima PSDB PB YEA
Pedro Lucas Fernandes PTB BAD ABSENT
Pedro Lupion DEM PR ABSENT
Pedro Paulo DEM RJ YEA
Pedro Uczai PT SC NOT
Pedro Westphalen PP LOL YEA
Perpétua Almeida PC do B B.C NOT
Pinheirinho PP MG YEA
Police Officer Katia Sastre PL SP YEA
Pompeo de Mattos PDT LOL NOT
Pr. Marco Feliciano Republicans SP ABSENT
Professor Alcides PP GO YEA
Professor Israel Batista PV DF NOT
Professor Joziel PSL RJ YEA
Professor Dayane Pimentel PSL BA YEA
Professor Dorinha Seabra Rezende DEM TO YEA
Professor Marcivania PC do B AP NOT
Professor Rosa Neide PT MT NOT
Rafael Motta PSB RN NOT
Raimundo Costa PL BA YEA
Raul Henry MDB PE YEA
Reginaldo Lopes PT MG NOT
Rejane Dias PT PI NOT
Renata Abreu Can SP YEA
Renato Queiroz MDB RR YEA
Renildo Calheiros PC do B PE NOT
Ricardo Barros PP PR YEA
Ricardo Guidi PSD SC YEA
Ricardo Izar PP SP YEA
Ricardo Silva PSB SP YEA
Ricardo Teobaldo Can PE YEA
Robério Monteiro PDT CE NOT
Roberto Alves Republicanos SP SIM
Roberto de Lucena Pode SP SIM
Rodrigo Agostinho PSB SP SIM
Rodrigo Coelho PSB SC SIM
Rodrigo de Castro PSDB MG SIM
Rogério Correia PT MG NÃO
Roman Patriota PR SIM
Ronaldo Carletto PP BA SIM
Ronaldo Martins Republicanos CE SIM
Rosana Valle PSB SP SIM
Rosangela Gomes Republicanos RJ SIM
Rubens Bueno Cidadania PR SIM
Rubens Otoni PT GO NÃO
Rubens Pereira Jr. PCdoB MA NÃO
Rui Falcão PT SP NÃO
Ruy Carneiro PSDB PB SIM
Sâmia Bomfim Psol SP NÃO
Samuel Moreira PSDB SP SIM
Sanderson PSL RS SIM
Santini PTB RS SIM
Sargento Fahur PSD PR SIM
Schiavinato PP PR SIM
Sebastião Oliveira PL PE AUSENTE
Sérgio Brito PSD BA SIM
Sergio Souza MDB PR SIM
Sergio Toledo PL AL SIM
Sergio Vidigal PDT ES NÃO
Severino Pessoa Republicanos AL SIM
Shéridan PSDB RR SIM
Sidney Leite PSD AM SIM
Silas Câmara Republicanos AM SIM
Silvia Cristina PDT RO NÃO
Silvio Costa Filho Republicanos PE SIM
Soraya Santos PL RJ SIM
Sóstenes Cavalcante DEM RJ AUSENTE
Stefano Aguiar PSD MG SIM
Stephanes Junior PSD PR AUSENTE
Subtenente Gonzaga PDT MG NÃO
Tabata Amaral PDT SP NÃO
Tadeu Alencar PSB PE NÃO
Tadeu Filippelli MDB DF SIM
Talíria Petrone Psol RJ NÃO
Ted Conti PSB ES NÃO
Tereza Nelma PSDB AL SIM
Tiago Dimas Solidariedade TO SIM
Tiago Mitraud Novo MG SIM
Tiririca PL SP NÃO
Tito Avante BA SIM
Toninho Wandscheer Pros PR SIM
Túlio Gadêlha PDT PE NÃO
Uldurico Junior Pros BA NÃO
Vaidon Oliveira Pros CE SIM
Valdevan Noventa PL SE SIM
Valmir Assunção PT BA NÃO
Vander Loubet PT MS NÃO
Vanderlei Macris PSDB SP SIM
Vavá Martins Republicanos PA SIM
Vermelho PSD PR SIM
Vicentinho PT SP NÃO
Vicentinho Júnior PL TO SIM
Vilson da Fetaemg PSB MG NÃO
Vinicius Carvalho Republicanos SP SIM
Vinicius Farah MDB RJ SIM
Vinicius Gurgel PL AP SIM
Vinicius Poit Novo SP SIM
Vitor Hugo PSL GO SIM
Vitor Lippi PSDB SP SIM
Waldenor Pereira PT BA NÃO
Walter Alves MDB RN SIM
Weliton Prado Pros MG SIM
Wellington Roberto PL PB AUSENTE
Wilson Santiago PTB PB SIM
Wladimir Garotinho PSD RJ AUSENTE
Wolney Queiroz PDT PE NÃO
Zé Carlos PT MA NÃO
Zé Silva Solidariedade MG SIM
Zé Vitor PL MG SIM
Zeca Dirceu PT PR NÃO

Fonte: Congresso em Foco

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incompetence, neglect, omission and violation, says expert




São Paulo – The record abstention (51.5%) on the first day of the National High School Examination (Enem) 2020 reflects the incompetence, neglect, undue omission of functional performance and violation of the duty of the Ministry of Education (MEC). The assessment was made today (18) by the executive president of the organization Todos pela Educação, Priscila Cruz.

Data from the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep), the MEC organ responsible for the exam, of the 5,523,029 enrolled, 2,680,697 (48.5%) attended. A record abstention of 51.5%. In Enem’s 20 years, the record so far had been broken in 2009: 37.7%.

Enem exclusion

“The # Enem2020 with 51.5% effectiveness in excluding students”, Gregório Grisa, professor at the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Sul (IFRGS) and specialist in educational data, recorded in his social networks.

The president of the National Union of Students (UNE), Iago Montalvão, recalled that the result confirmed the prognoses of the student entities. “Just as we said. Record abstention. Because the students didn’t want to take the exam. Not! Because they didn’t feel safe, and sometimes they were even prevented from entering crowded rooms. Another poorly organized Enem in the Bolsonaro government. The student loses! ”

Federal deputy Glauber Braga (Psol-RJ) mocked the Minister of Education, Pastor Milton Ribeiro. “The 1st day of Enem had a record abstaining of 51.5%. Most students did not. Several who were unable to enter and did not receive adequate satisfaction. The Minister of Education still had the courage to say that it was ‘a success’. The fight against denialism is daily. ”

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Copywriting: Cida de Oliveira – Edition: Helder Lima

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