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Forum Aldir Blanc calls for actions for black culture in law enforcement



São Paulo – The São Paulo Forum Aldir Blanc filed a statement at the State Department of Culture and Creative Economy, on Wednesday (11), to demand affirmative actions in the application of the Cultural Emergency Law (Law 14.017) in the state, with the remaining funds of R $ 150 million, estimated by the group. The forum is formed by artists and cultural professionals organized in 17 regional committees and forums spread throughout São Paulo, including the capital. According to artists, it is necessary that the balance be used to reverse the exclusion of black culture adopted by the government of São Paulo.

In the manifestation, the Forum says that it requires the allocation of the remaining resources of item I and item III for “affirmative actions for black culture and all its languages ​​and cultural expressions that were excluded from the selection criteria adopted for the application of the Emergency Law Cultural (law No. 14.017) in the state ”.

THE RBA, the independent artist and member of the São Paulo Forum Aldir Blanc, Rita de Cassia Teles, says that the original text of the Aldir Blanc Law is totally inclusive and democratic, without leaving any cultural expression out, however, the Doria and Covas management, both from PSDB, are against that. Among the actions contested by the Forum is the publication of the ProAC Expresso LAB notices, launched by the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy, in the total amount of R $ 75 million and which aims to serve only 1,777 cultural agents, including freelancers, collectives and institutions.

“In the state, they followed the model that already exists to simplify the process, using ProAC. When you see the 25 lines of action, 40% of the resources were allocated to audiovisual. While we have only a single call for intangible culture. Within these 25 lines, there are sectors that have not been seen, such as manifestations of black, indigenous culture and with nothing specific for LGBTQI + projects. There was no humanized care, the law was not applied in its excellence ”, criticized Rita.

At the municipal level, she criticizes the division made into six modules in the application of the Aldir Blanc Law, with values ​​ranging between R $ 5,000 and R $ 150,000. “Module I, focused on multilingual, has R $ 30 million. While the second module, intended for popular cultures, will receive only R $ 2 million. All module II projects need to be attended to, because they have not allocated more resources waiting for people to not sign up. They gave a ten-day deadline for this registration and only those who are very close can create a project during this period. In other words, it is an exclusive process. ”

Disparity and exclusion

Still in the manifestation, the Forum says that the application of the Aldir Blanc Law in the state of São Paulo is done “in a selective manner, disregarding the criterion of universality, the character of democracy and social justice and, above all, ignoring the main objective of emergency in serving historically excluded people, communities and cultural segments ”.

This selectivity is present in ProAC, explains Rita Teles. The public notices are divided between: audiovisual; theater; material and immaterial heritage; circus; online festivals; music; museum; dance; multi-language licensing; children and adolescents; events; training and informational processes; literature; and visual arts.

“The public notice wants to reward an art educator for R $ 5,000, in the licensing of classes and lectures. This module had the budget to pay 400 professionals, but had almost double the enrollment. Meanwhile, they gave a recognition prize for theater and dance in the amount of R $ 100 thousand, which goes into the hands of one person ”, criticizes the independent artist.

According to the ProAC document, there are different awards for each sector. In one of the modalities in the theater area, for example, R $ 100 thousand is paid to “Theater Direction”, which will be evaluated “for its history of achievements, with the evaluation criteria of the prizes received, participation in festivals, shows and presentations. carried out in the last five years, positive reviews and the total public reached ”.

“I understand the character of recognition, but nothing justifies this disparity. As much as it requires resources, with a different production chain, the Aldir Blanc Law guarantees the decentralization of resources. Our fight is for the resources to reach the largest number of people ”, added the member of the Forum.

R $ 150 million

The São Paulo Forum Aldir Blanc estimates that there are R $ 150 million remaining from the Cultural Emergency Law. According to them, this is due to the low adherence to item I, which provides an emergency income of R $ 600 to cultural workers. However, only those who did not access emergency aid from the federal government would receive the benefit.

Rita Teles says that the Doria government has not yet declared what it will do with this balance. “They signaled the creation of two new notices that were not included in the previous 25 lines. However, we know that there is no time to create anything else and we have the same problem in the capital, where people do not have the intimacy to register within an emergency period ”, he warned.

The entity defends that the black cultural community is a priority in the application of these available resources. “One way that can be taken is to reward black people who are registered first. If two calls are opened, they will have to allocate R $ 75 million to black culture. We need a sensitive look at that ”, concludes the artist.

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