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For Doria, family is responsible if children get covid back to school



São Paulo – Preparing the return to school, the government of João Doria (PSDB) issued terms of responsibility to the families of students from the state school system, which totally disclaims responsibility if children and adolescents are contaminated by covid-19 in schools. The document places it among the conditions for the student to return to face-to-face classes that, “in case of contamination with covid-19, I will be entirely responsible for the necessary care, since the virus circulates in all places and not only at school” .

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The document is similar to what was released in the first attempt to return to school in São Paulo, in September last year, which the Doria government said was not prepared by the State Department of Education. The document also requires family members to take responsibility for ensuring that the student will follow “the daily guidelines they will receive from school staff”. Parents complain about not having received any previous information, just a communication to go to the school, where they found out that the summons was to decide about returning to their children’s classes.

“You are unable to make a decision like that. And even if we take full responsibility, is it safe or not? If the government says it is safe, why do I have to take full responsibility if my child is infected? In addition, there are a number of conditions that we do not know, that we needed to have information before. But we arrive and have to sign, say whether or not to go and that’s it ”, complained a mother of a student who asked not to be identified.

Document delivered to families for back to school in São Paulo

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The Doria government plans to return to school next week, even with part of the state in the red phase of the quarantine and part in the orange phase. Classrooms may have up to 35% of students per shift during this period. In the yellow phase it will be up to 70%. And in the green phase, 100%. The toucan says he has invested R $ 1.4 billion in the adequacy of schools

The first day of planning back to school for
teachers from the state of São Paulo dismantled the Doria government advertisements
and confirmed the concerns of education workers. Rooms full and poorly
ventilated, alcohol in expired gel and schools still under renovation were denounced
in various regions of the state. In addition, teachers criticized the
determination to resume face-to-face planning activities, with the
orientation was all through videos, seen on screens or cell phones.

“There was no need for that. The government wants to take revenge on teachers, making us expose ourselves to it. It was perfectly possible to do the planning with an online meeting ”, said a teacher who asked not to be identified.

The Union of Teachers of Official Education of the
State of São Paulo (Apeoesp) gathered reports from teachers and other workers
of education showing some of the problems. Schools in the region of Tatuí and Rio
Claro distributed 70% expired gel alcohol to teachers. In school
(EE) Valentim Gentil, in Cursino, southeastern region of São Paulo,
the renovation of the unit is still ongoing. Same situation as EE Professor
José Cardoso, in Rio Claro, where no bathroom would be accessible to
students, if classes returned today, as originally planned.

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In Marília, in the interior of São Paulo, teachers report having stayed in the room for 4 hours, only with a fan pointed at the door, because the tilting windows are stuck and do not open. In addition, the use of the fan itself is not recommended, making many rooms extremely hot. “If a fan is already difficult, imagine it without. Now imagine if children and adolescents will respect the rules in these conditions. To spend hours in a mask in such heat? ”Asked a teacher who also asked not to be identified.

In addition to structural problems, the president of the
Apeoesp and state deputy, Professor Bebel (PT), denounced school cases
where people are already infected with the new coronavirus and teachers have been
oriented to “stay alert”.

Covid-19 back to school

“The irresponsibility and the arrogance of the duo
Rossieli Soares (Secretary of Education) and (Governor) Doria already provokes
contamination and situations of imminent risk for teachers and staff of the
state school system. This is even before the face-to-face classes return.
Schools have been operating with management teams and staff for some
time. Despite the confirmed cases, the region’s education director maintained
determination that all teachers and staff attend schools
this Monday, for face-to-face planning activities ”, said

According to the president of Apeoesp, the situations
occurred at the Dom José Maurício State School, in the region of the
Ensino de Bragança Paulista, the director, the vice-director, the coordinator and the
cleaning workers were contaminated by the new coronavirus. And in school
State Professor Mathilde Teixeira de Moraes there is a suspicious case and a case
confirmed from covid-19.

Teachers continue to claim that the return to
classes is suspended throughout the state of São Paulo as long as there is no control
of the pandemic and vaccination of teachers. And promise to start a strike in
next week if there is no agreement.

The Brazilian Society of Pediatrics issued a note
public last Friday (29), in which he defends the importance of the return to
classes for children and teenagers, but recognizes that most schools,
especially public ones, are not prepared to guarantee a safe return. And snake
municipal, state and federal governments to effectively engage in
guarantee structural reforms and material conditions for resumption.

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