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Even with job losses, domestic work is ignored by Bolsonaro



São Paulo – The new coronavirus pandemic that “exacerbated” inequalities in the country, directly affected domestic work during the Bolsonaro government. This is the second sector most affected by the health crisis, with a loss of 24.6% of vacancies, behind only the accommodation and food sector (-26.7%.).

In absolute numbers, however, the closing of jobs in the two economic activities is the same. Between September and November 2020, compared to the same period of the previous year, 1.565 million jobs were lost in domestic service. Now there are 4.791 million, with 1.263 million without a formal contract.

Information from IBGE’s National Household Sample Survey (Pnad Contínua), released on January 28, compiled by the platform Gender and Number, – which addresses issues of gender and race from data -, show the impact of unemployment on this category. But they also reveal the lack of public policies directed at the class of domestic workers by the Bolsonaro government.

Throughout the health crisis, last year, domestic work was at the center of several social disturbances caused by tragedies in the country. The first death due to covid-19 in Rio de Janeiro, for example, involved the domestic worker, Cleonice Gonçalves, 63 years old. She was infected while working for the bosses who had arrived from Italy. The emblematic story in the sequence was added to the death of the boy Miguel, 5 years old, in Recife. The child accompanied his mother, Mirtes Renata, to work as a domestic worker because of the closure of schools. But, due to the negligence of his boss, Sari Corte Real, Miguel fell from the ninth floor of the condominium where Mirtes worked.

Government omitted

In parallel, the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) received complaints of non-compliance with the basic rights of domestic workers in the pandemic throughout the country. However, from the deaths of Cleonice to Miguel, to the violations and the increase in the number of closed jobs, no measures to preserve jobs have been presented by the government.

The platform Gender and Number shows that the category of 6.2 million people, formed mainly by women (93%), most of them black (68%), could only count on emergency assistance. No wonder, the domestic workers were the second working class most benefited by the measure in the country. Since December, however, these professionals cannot count on the benefit, as they have never been able to count on a package similar to the “resumption of tourism”. The program was launched in November by the federal government to help the sector that lost the most jobs. But the measure was not adopted for domestic work, although in absolute numbers it has losses equal to that of tourism and is a numerous category.

The survey also compares the neglect with the domestic ones in the plan of immunization against the coronavirus. They represent more than triple the total truck drivers in the country, which were recently included by the Bolsonaro government in the priority vaccination group. And they are a slightly smaller group only when compared to health professionals, an average of 6.6 million people. Despite this, they are also not on the priority list.

Violation of rights

According to the data platform, the health crisis, which worsened the economic crisis, also deepened the violation of domestic labor rights during the Bolsonaro government. Through the Access to Information Law (LAI), the Gender and Number identified that 72% of the cases, a total of 461 registered in 2020, referred to non-compliance with 15 basic rights. All guaranteed by Complementary Law 150, originated from the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) of Housewives and by the CLT. Among them, the recognition of the employment relationship and the payment of prior notice, 13th salary, 40% FGTS fine and vacation.

Also according to the survey, in the absence of the State, the project “For the life of Our Mothers” began to plan its return to help domestic workers. The group became known, right at the beginning of the pandemic, for publishing a manifesto calling for protective measures for the category of workers. The initiative, however, managed to evolve and forward donations and cash transfers to around 300 women.

To the platform Gender and Number, one of the creators of the action, Juliana França, stressed that Bolsonaro’s neglect of domestic work is a social “callus”. “If we don’t think about the domestic worker situation in Brazil, we will only be remedying and not treating this situation in depth, which is a slave situation”, he concluded.

Copywriting: Clara Assunção – Edition: Helder Lima

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