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Embrace film is a story of resistance told by the characters themselves



São Paulo – From April 22 to May 7, 2008, public education professionals in Sergipe made a movement in defense of rights. Basically, the right to career advancement, threatened by the courts. This story, which mobilized workers from all over the state, reached the cinema. Completed last year, when it made a festival script, the film hug will be launched on Thursday (15), precisely the Teacher’s Day.

Directed by DF Fiuza, the film was funded with funds from the Basic Education Workers Union of the Official Network of the State of Sergipe (Sintese). The entity represents 12 thousand teachers, active and retired, from the state and municipalities, with the exception of Aracaju. “With few resources, but with a lot of passion”, says the president of the organization, Ivonete Cruz. Teacher since 1988, she teaches history in high school. And he participated in the movement portrayed on the screen.

For Ivonete, the film, “a collective construction”, brings the story from the worker’s point of view and told by its protagonists. “All 500 extras are teachers who lived that story”, recalls the teacher.

‘Hug’: resisting is possible

And the film gains even more relevance at a time of widespread “dismantling”, he adds, citing the labor and social security “reforms” already implemented, and administrative, under discussion in Congress. “hug it is a film that aims to show that it is possible to resist. Let it be a process of motivation for male and female workers. ”

The work also celebrates the entity’s 40th anniversary, created on September 8, 1977 while still an association. The union appeared on September 17, 1988. The filming of hug, which is subtitled The only way out is to fight, started in January last year. The intention was to promote the premiere to the public on May 1 this year, but the pandemic postponed the plans.

Fight against dismantling

The title refers to a passage in the film. “One of the strongest scenes”, comments Ivonete. She chooses as the “apex” of the feature the moment when thousands of teachers gather before the Court of Justice of Sergipe. “It was a very intense fight. If the Judiciary won this thesis, we would have a total dismantling. The teacher’s career is built by training. ”

At the time, the state was governed by Marcelo Déda (PT), who had taken office in the previous year (2007). “The government tried to maintain a neutral position, attributing the decision to a legal and not a political position”, evaluates Ivonete. “We had a‘ dialogable ’relationship,” he says of relations with the state executive. “We had progress and also moments of struggle, with strikes and confrontation.” Déda was re-elected, but died during his second term in 2013.

The film “Abraço”: fiction and reality

The script has a fictional tone, although it deals with a real subject. Giuliana Maria is Ana Rosa, a teacher torn between activism and domestic routine. She is also opposed by her family for wanting to participate in union activities. Born in Minas Gerais, Giuliana began to study theater in Sergipe. He graduated from the School of Dramatic Art (EAD) at the University of São Paulo (USP).

She was awarded as best actress at Cine PE in 2019 for her performance in Hug – which in turn was chosen the best film by the popular jury. Another award went to the original soundtrack, by André Abujamra and Eron Guarnieri. The chosen theme was a classic by Geraldo Vandré, Not to say I didn’t mention flowers (Walking), sung by Chico César.

Exhibition and public act

Movie trailer hug

The cast also includes, among others, the actress Rose Ribeiro, as Margarida, and Flavio Bauraqui (Jorge). He is known face of films like Madame Satan, Zuzu Angel and Santa.

hug will be shown in several rooms and virtually (check it out below). Teachers will make a public act on the morning of this Thursday, in front of the Palácio dos Despachos, seat of the government of Sergipe. The state still has its movie theaters closed. So, as the teacher actors say, “the way out is to fight”.

hug: where and how to watch to the movie

  • Salvador (Itaú Glauber Rocha Space)
  • Rio de Janeiro (Itaú Botafogo Space and Cinesystem Bangu)
  • São Paulo (Espaço Itaú Augusta)
  • Brasília (Cine Drive In Brasília)
  • Fortaleza (Cine São Luís)
  • Manaus (Cine Casarão)
  • Ananindeua (PA) (Cinesystem Ananindeua)
  • The film can also be watched on the digital platforms and From the 29th, it will also be available on digital platforms (streaming) such as Apple TV, Google Play, Now, Vivo Play and Youtube Movies

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