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Eduardo Paes already faces education and health workers in Rio



Rio de Janeiro – Marcelo Crivella (Republicans) leaves, Eduardo Paes (DEM) enters, but the fight between the city of Rio de Janeiro and the entities representing the main categories of civil servants remains tough. Since the Secretary of Finance and Planning, Pedro Paulo Carvalho, announced that there is no cash on hand to pay the December wages and the rest of the 13th of the municipal employees until this Friday (8), the fifth working day of the month, workers in education and health, they are on alert and may start strikes that started in the last year of Crivella’s management, who is currently under house arrest with an anklet.

A strong man of the new government, Pedro Paulo also announced that the city government will increase the social security wage rate of civil servants from the current 11% to 14%, which goes against a promise made by Paes during the campaign. The novelty completely displeased the Unified Movement of Municipal Public Servants, a group of entities that will meet in the coming days to define an agenda of struggles. In a press interview, the secretary spoke of “financial engineering” to honor the payment, blamed the “irresponsible cash management” of the previous management for the current state of affairs and cited the pandemic to ask the servers for “understanding”.

Server pocket

The request was not well received. “The account of the city hall crisis cannot end up in the server’s pocket. Teachers and education staff, as well as all municipal employees, have been without salary readjustments for over two years. We had a loss in our wages during the pandemic period and we will not accept the request for understanding of the new city hall for a very simple reason: we all live off our wages! We have no way of waiting for the resolution of something that cannot be counted in our account ”, says the general coordinator of the State Union of Education Professionals (Sepe-RJ), Izabel Costa.

The last year of Crivella’s management was marked by an intense clash with education professionals. These kept months of strike “in defense of the life” and against the negationism of the ex-mayor and his attempts to reopen the schools in the middle of the pandemic of covid-19. On the other hand, the Paes management, due to its squeeze speech, runs the risk of facing new mobilizations even though it has barely started.

too bad that the city does not guarantee payments. We were very
concerned because the initial statements by the Paes government contradict
commitments they made during the campaign. They talk about increasing the rate
social security, which means lowering our wages because, if that
approved, we will be discounted by another 3%. We will not accept the package
tax squeeze because the bill to be paid does not belong to public servants
municipalities, ”says Izabel.

Nursing technicians

The lack of guarantee for the payment of salaries may also cause new strikes in the health sector. The Union of Nursing Assistants and Technicians has a virtual assembly scheduled for next Monday (11). Two days earlier, a specific assembly of servers hired by the company RioSaúde will be held, responsible for the management of several hospitals, which have not yet received the November salaries. “We will have our assemblies for the category to make its decision. But, in the discussions already held, the professionals refuse to accept any type of installment, be it the 13th or the payment of the month ”, says the president of the Union of Nursing Assistants and Technicians of Rio (Satem-RJ), Miriam Lopes .

The unionist points out the “regrettable situation” experienced by the category in Rio de Janeiro. “Health professionals are working at the tip with a great demand from patients, without working conditions, without human resources and with the care to be done on behalf of covid-19. There was total disrespect on the part of former Mayor Crivella. Now, our negotiation will be with the current city hall. We demand respect, ”says Miriam.

Work for free

Sepe-RJ requested meetings with Pedro Paulo, with the new Mayor, Carlo Caiado (DEM), and with the Secretary of Education, Renan Ferreirinha. “Since yesterday (Tuesday, 5th) we have had some teachers and employees who are not on vacation called for face-to-face work. Well, they don’t have the December salary, they didn’t receive the 13th, they didn’t receive meal allowance, they didn’t receive transport allowance. In other words, what the city is saying is that people will have to work for free ”, denounces Izabel Costa.

“Throughout this pandemic period, teachers have paid for their electricity, internet and even material costs so that they can carry out their activities online. We have had losses and we simply will not accept to work without our remuneration, which is what is actually happening now. In the case of Education professionals who are on vacation, the payment of the 13th is a right guaranteed by law. This is not new. It is provided by law and should have been budgeted since the previous year. As well as our right to enjoy the holidays and have a third of the guaranteed salary ”, adds the union leader.

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Argentine President contaminated by covid-19 and fulfills isolation




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