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Doria’s Secretary of Culture hired his own girlfriend for R $ 90,000



BrasildeFato – Via Amigos da Arte, Social Organization hired by the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, actress Jaqueline Roversi Rapozo received R $ 90 thousand in six months, to present her play Pandora in municipalities in the interior of São Paulo. The artist is the girlfriend of the head of the portfolio, the Secretary of Culture, Sérgio Sá Leitão.

Roversi appears in the list of artists hired by Amigos da Arte in the years 2019 and 2020. The worksheet is available on the entity’s website. The first hiring takes place in November 2019, for the presentation of the piece Pandora, produced by Sá Leitão’s girlfriend and actress Jordana Korich, directed by Leona Cavalli.

In the 2019 Friends of Art worksheet, Roversi’s name appears as hired for three presentations, which cost R $ 45 thousand, and which would have been paid between November 12 and December 12 of that year. The exhibitions took place in Mogi das Cruzes, Batatais and Bauru, on December 12, 15 and 19, respectively.

On her Instagram profile, on December 15, the actress published a photo at the Municipal Theater Fausto Bellini Degani, in Batatais, in the interior of São Paulo, and thanked Friends of Art and the organization of Circuito SP, an itinerant event of the São Paulo government , which takes several artists to presentations across the state.

Jaqueline Roversi Rapozo thanks Amigos da Arte in posting on her Instagram profile / Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

The day before, on December 14, 2019, Roversi published a photo with her boyfriend, Sá Leitão, who was already Secretary of Culture in São Paulo, at the farewell of conductor Marin Alsop of the musical direction and conducting of the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra Paulo (Osesp), which took place on December 12, 2019, at Sala São Paulo.

The second contract took place between May 8 and July 8, 2020, during the pandemic period. In the description, Amigos da Arte informs only that the company Amor e Arte & Produção Artística, which belongs to Roversi, was paid R $ 45 thousand for participating in the Circuito SP project.

The actress’s only presentation in 2020 for cultural projects with Amigos da Arte was a participation in the project Home Culture, Developed by the Social Organization during the pandemic, in which several artists performed in lives. Among them, Roversi, who on June 2 spoke about Pandora for 1 hour and 14 minutes, alongside Leona Cavalli and Jordana Korich.

“It’s a crime”

State Representative Isa Penna (PSOL), who is part of the opposition to
Governor João Doria (PSDB) in the Legislative Assembly of the State of São
Paulo (Alesp), commented on the hiring of Sá Leitão’s girlfriend.

“It’s a crime,” predicted the parliamentarian. “It is a case of improbity
administrative. We are talking about granting a right that is
public administration responsibility. So, in fact, it’s a case
that hurts the impersonality of public law. Impersonality serves
just so that you don’t have ways to organize box 2 or corral
electoral. This only shows who comes with the João Doria package ”.

For the parliamentarian, the responsibility should be extended to the Palácio dos Bandeirantes. “The governor must answer for that too, he is responsible for whoever he hires. We must say that this is a crime. From the point of view of the execution of the public service, this is completely illegal. ”

Along with Sá Leitão, Jaqueline Roversi Rapozo celebrates maestro Marin Alsop in her farewell to Osesp, on December 12, 2019 / Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Friends of Art

Signed in July 2016, the contract of Amigos da Arte with the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy ends on October 31, 2021. The total amount is R $ 153 million, paid in annual installments of approximately R $ 30 million . Among the Social Organizations that serve the São Paulo government, only the Osesp Foundation receives more, R $ 255 million.

Amigos da Arte runs the Sérgio Cardoso Theater, the Teatro
Municipal de Araras, and the Museum of Sexual Diversity. It is also
responsible for organizing the Virada Cultural, the Cultural Circuit
Paulista and Revelando São Paulo.


Amigos da Arte keeps in its command posts people linked to Sá Leitão. This proximity is the subject of a civil inquiry, instituted by the Public Ministry of São Paulo to investigate the “suspicion of mismanagement of public resources and affront administrative principles by the Social Organization of Culture Amigos da Arte.”

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Also according to the MP, the entity “would maintain a close connection with the
portfolio, with the hiring of companies and people close to the current
Secretary Sérgio Sá Leitão to provide services and management positions

Other side

In a note, Amigos da Arte informed that it is a private social organization independent of the São Paulo government, whose “artistic programming is prepared through public calls, with independent selection commissions, and through specialized curatorships, with renowned professionals from the cultural sector. . ”

“At no time does Amigos da Arte take into account the marital status or the affective relationships of artists, producers, technicians and other professionals when hiring or not performing shows. Our mission is cultural, as well as our criteria ”, says the note.

Also according to the organization, the show Pandora had five seasons in other states and “competed for several theater awards”.

“It was successfully incorporated into the annual schedule of Amigos da Arte and
obtained a good public presence in its presentations, having been
contracted for a value compatible with those practiced in the market ”, says

Consulted, the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of
São Paulo informed that “it considers it regrettable to associate the selection of a
production conducted exclusively by women, made by a curatorship
independent, to an alleged favoritism by a hypothetical
affective relationship ”.

“Sérgio Sá Leitão does not participate in the selection of projects in any of the
programs and actions carried out or supported by the portfolio. The piece Pandora was
selected by Amigos da Arte, a social organization independent of the
state government. Its artistic program is elaborated through
public calls and specialized curatorships, with professionals
of the cultural sector, based on criteria exclusively
artistic and cultural ”, concluded the portfolio.

In the 2019 spreadsheet, Jaqueline Roversi Rapozo appears as favored in a hiring for three presentations, with the value of R $ 45 thousand / Photo: Reproduction
In the 2020 spreadsheet, another contract for R $ 45 thousand / Photo: Reproduction

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Book addresses transformations in rap through changes in society




São Paulo – Society undergoes several changes, year after year, be it culturally, in its forms of organization, and even in new working methods. These transformations influence other segments, including Hip-Hop, rap and their MC battles. In view of this, social scientist Felipe Oliveira Campos, known as Felipe Choco, launched the book Rap, Culture and Politics: Battle of the Matrix and the Aesthetics of Entrepreneurial Overcoming, which addresses the digital and marketing influence within this culture.

A member of the Center for Studies and Research of Afro-America (Nepafro), Choco analyzes contemporary society using the Battle of the Matrix held in São Bernardo do Campo as a pillar since 2013, and considered a reference in the duel between MCs. The resistance of the event, the target of police repression and municipal administration, was the starting point for the author.

“When I face the Battle of the Matrix, it poses a number of questions that can be deepened, being able to understand it beyond the context of battles, as public spaces in cities”, he explains. “When the Battle of the Matrix emerged, I was part of the Hip-Hop Forum of São Bernardo do Campo, and mediated conflicts with the Government. Therefore, I realized that the conflicts that the battle created when occupying the public space, raised questions of general interest. So I used the Battle of the Matrix as a way to understand contemporary Brazil, ”added Choco.

In 2018, RBA reported the repression suffered by the battle of ABC Paulista. At the time, the management of the mayor of São Bernardo do Campo, Orlando Morando (PSDB), tried to “boycott” the traditional rap event in the city, by charging a fee for using the Praça da Matrix, in the city center. At various times, rapper Emicida went to the site to support young people.

Social transformations

While society sees new forms of organization, rap also adapts to these changes. The writer compares the professionalization of artists and battles to the industrialization of the city of São Bernardo do Campo and Posse Hausa, a black organization founded in the 1990s, focused on the Hip-Hop movement, whose majority of the members were workers in the ABC industry Paulista.

With the 2017 labor reform, by then President Michel Temer (MDB-SP), Felipe Choco explains that the social dynamics have also changed within the Hip-Hop culture. “Today, the organizers of the Battle of the Matrix are part of the service sector, without stability and without social protection. Therefore, the financial solution, among the organizers, was the professionalization of the event. This applies to the whole culture. ”

The main example used by the author of these social and economic transformations in rap is Emicida’s career. Coming from the Battle of Santa Cruz, disputed south of São Paulo, the rapper emerged using the main method of rhyming duels: the punchlines – in Portuguese, punch lines, used to impress the listener.

After the success, the rapper created his own musical label: Laboratório Fantasma. “Emicida created a horizon to organize its own career, without having to go through the distributors’ screen. In other words, it is the democratization of music production, distribution and consumption ”, said Choco, who recalls that the book’s presentation is signed by the MC.

Aesthetics of entrepreneurial overcoming

Based on the phenomenon achieved by Emicida, the social scientist points to the creation of a new aesthetic within rap: that of entrepreneurial overcoming. According to him, this aspect allows creative freedom and financial autonomy, creating a style of business organization.

“This overcoming does not mean denying the culture’s past, but advancing in the market sense, creating a mark around the artist”, he explained. The author quotes a statement by Mano Brown, a member of Racionais, where the rapper points out that the phonographic market is no longer just the commercialization of music, but also the image and positioning of MCs.

This aesthetic creates a new notion of work and organization, according to the author. “If we make a parallel with the industrial market, in the 1990s, work was in opposition to capital, where the organization of the workforce sought its valorization. Now, in the face of informality and the imposition that ‘each one is an entrepreneur of their own’, artists become their own business capital ”, he reiterates.

However, this entrepreneurial resilience does not only involve rappers and new independent labels, but also affects the battles of MCs, including the Matrix. With the rise of streaming platforms such as YouTube, duels have become more digital, have reached new audiences and created a new market.

“The Battle of the Matrix is ​​a product of that condition that battles have become. Before the pandemic, every Tuesday, she mobilized 1,000 people in the square. Battles play a fundamental role in mutations and reinventions of culture, as was the case with punchline, taking a new breath in how to make and organize rap. These changes that occur in rap did not come out of nowhere, they are the result of social transformations ”, concludes Felipe.

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