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Centrals call workers for lockdown in defense of life



São Paulo – Union centrals are calling on workers from all sectors to join a Lockdown in Defense of Life and Rights next Wednesday (24). According to the entities, the demonstration was articulated due to the “irresponsibility of the federal government, which led the country to the worst sanitary and hospital collapse in its history”.

There are almost 3,000 daily deaths after a year of pandemic. The centrals point out that Brazil has become “a world example of failure and lack of public policies” to contain the spread of covid-19. And they also protest against the lack of mass vaccination and for the resumption of emergency aid with installments of at least R $ 600.

Executive director of the ABC Paulista Metalworkers Union and president of IndustriALL-Brasil, Aroaldo Oliveira points out that union centers since the beginning of the health crisis have discussed measures to protect workers and society. “Before the discovery of any vaccine as a solution, the centrals always defended social isolation, distance, essential work with the necessary protocols. And with the vaccine, mass immunization is extremely important. It is the most important thing to end the virus and these deaths ”, observes reporter Cosmo Silva, from Current Brazil Radio.

However, according to Oliveira, the “negationist” government of Jair Bolsonaro “created a division between health, life and the economy, denied the measures of social isolation, security and the vaccine. So we got to a point where we see the number of deaths increasing every day ”, he criticizes.

Articulating the lockdown

Faced with the worsening of the crisis, the centrals and affiliated unions are already articulating with the governors and mayors the act on the next 24th so that the country’s workers can stay at home. According to the general secretary of Força Sindical, João Carlos Gonçalves, Juruna, the entities are in contact with parliamentarians in the National Congress. This week, for example, they also met with the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), to discuss measures to contain the pandemic.

“At this point, the main issue is the disease, preventing the pandemic from continuing to increase the number of deaths each day. This is the struggle that the union centrals have been doing with society ”, comments Juruna.

The representative of Força Sindical also reinforces the importance of the entities to add in the collection of food to distribute throughout the country. Juruna also warns that, with the pandemic, thousands of Brazilians are unable to feed themselves. “The centrals encourage all unions to provide solidarity in their city, region, so that we can gain strength and strengthen the fight against this disease. It is a demonstration that the pandemic is also fought with the performance of each person ”, he says.

More than 292 thousand Brazilians have already lost their lives to the covid-19. And almost 12 million people have been infected with the coronavirus.

Liberal economists also call for lockdown

A public letter signed by several economists was released on Sunday (21), most of them adept at liberal doctrine, defending the adoption of a national lockdown.

The document, entitled “Country Demands Respect; Life Needs Science and Good Government ”, is signed by names like Pedro Malan, Mailson da Nóbrega, Marcilio Marques Moreira, Rubens Ricupero, Arminio Fraga, Gustavo Loyola, Ilan Goldfajn and Pérsio Arida.

“A 6.9% loss of tax revenue only at the federal level, approximately R $ 58 billion, and the delay in vaccination will cost in terms of product or income not generated, no less than an estimated R $ 131.4 billion in 2021 , assuming a delayed recovery in two quarters ”, point out in the public letter.

For economists, as the government “underutilizes or misuses the resources at its disposal, including by ignoring or neglecting scientific evidence in the design of actions to deal with the pandemic”, it is necessary to discuss the adoption of a national lockdown to curb the pandemic.

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Argentine President contaminated by covid-19 and fulfills isolation




São Paulo – The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, informed on social media that he tested positive for covid-19, after showing symptoms of the disease. He said he is in isolation and has warned people with whom he has had contact in the past 48 hours. And he also reported that he had 37.3ºC of fever, in addition to feeling a slight headache.

The announcement was made this Saturday (3), the day after Fernández turned 62. “For everyone’s information, I am physically well and, although I wanted to end my birthday without this news, I am also in a good mood,” said the president.

He received the first dose of the vaccine (Sputnik) in January. The second, the following month. “I’m fine, I don’t have any symptoms. Only this fever from yesterday that I reported ”, he declared to the newspaper Clarín. “It is a very complicated virus, and the demonstration is that I got infected, even though I was vaccinated with both doses and with extreme care,” he added.

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who received the second dose of the vaccine today, sent a message of support to “Daqui do Brasil I send good energy, hoping for its prompt recovery. May soon overcome this disease to continue caring for the Argentine people. Hugs, mate! ”He wrote.

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