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Central act denounces policies of Guedes and Bolsonaro against Brazil



São Paulo – Late Wednesday afternoon (8), presidents of union centrals will deliver proposals to the government to face the crisis and resume the economy. In the act of the centrals before the Ministry of Economy, in Brasilia, the union leaders warned that the actions – implemented or signaled – go against what the country needs to return to growth and create jobs.

Union members will be received at 5 pm by the special secretary of Social Security and Labor, Bruno Bianco, and by the secretary of Labor, Bruno Dalcomo. At the same time, Minister Paulo Guedes’ agenda foresees a videoconference with the program director of the Special Secretariat of Finance, Bruno Funchal.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, the centrals had already warned that it was important to take measures to protect life. In fact, Bolsonaro disdained the crisis, ”said CUT President Sérgio Nobre. “Unfortunately, there are projections that point out that Brazil could come out of this crisis, being number 1 in deaths, surpassing the United States. A shameful mark for our country, ”he said, expressing solidarity with the families of the victims of the coronavirus.

Centrals act: face-to-face and virtual

The union leaders said that the act of the centrals today, before the Ministry of Economy, was concerned not to cause agglomerations and to respect sanitary recommendations. Everyone wore masks. In addition to the people who followed the broadcast on social networks, the exchanges innovated by using an application (, provided by French leaders, through which it was possible to create an avatar and “participate” virtually in the demonstration.

centrals act
Today’s demonstration had virtual ‘participations’, with the creation of avatars

“People are participating symbolically throughout Brazil,” said the president of Força Sindical, Miguel Torres, highlighting the political importance of the chosen location. “The greatest power of the Republic is here. The Ministry of Economy is the merger of five ministries ”, he recalled. “And it is not doing anything to face this crisis. The things that have happened are due to Congress ”, added Miguel, recalling the conversations of union members with representatives of the Legislative Power.

The Ministry of Economy concentrated areas of Finance, Industry and Foreign Trade, Planning, Labor, Social Security. At a press conference in December, Guedes even stated that “the thing was going on” precisely for that reason. He recently spoke of resuming the privatization program, in addition to expanding reforms such as labor.

“Adjustment” and rights

The president of CUT drew attention to the consequences of the “brutal fiscal adjustment” and the withdrawal of social rights, especially in the public service. “Woe to us if we didn’t have a public health system, which is an example in the world. (Guedes) He should reinforce public services, but he wants to do the opposite ”, criticized Sérgio. He defended “broad” housing and food security programs, as well as mobility planning and infrastructure investment. “He has to govern for the people, respect the workers.”

Like Miguel, the CUT leader recalled that at the beginning the government wanted to pay a much smaller amount for emergency aid, which ended up being fixed at R $ 600, after social and political pressure. “We warned that an important part of the population was vulnerable and needed help from the government in order to survive. And it didn’t reach everyone who needed it, an important part of the population was excluded. ”

The benefit was extended for two months, but the pressure should continue, said the official. The aid must be paid not only until December, but for the duration of the pandemic. “We have as a priority the defense of life and the growth of the country, with social justice,” he said. In addition to CUT and Força, they participated in the act of the central directors of CSB, CTB, Nova Central and UGT.

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‘Hypocrite’, Bolsonaro at UN blames victims of agribusiness and mining




São Paulo – The “hypocritical” speech with which President Jair Bolsonaro opened, this Tuesday (22), the 75th United Nations General Assembly (UN), seems to have been made to the internal public of Brazil, its voters. And not for other heads of state and external actors, as expected at the UN ”. The opinion is of Professor Miriam Gomes Saraiva, from the Department of International Relations of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Uerj). “It looks like a speech to then take a piece and put it on a blog. For external effects, the impact is very bad, because, with regard to the environment and the pandemic, any head of government needs to ask its ambassador in Brazil. ”

For the teacher, Bolsonaro’s “hypocritical” speech at the UN is “disconcerting”. “It is difficult to even talk about it, because it is shocking. The military, in the past, tried to talk about the development of the Amazon, with Transamazônica, Zona Franca, a series of items that, although predatory, are even pointed out as development. But, Bolsonaro, not even that defends. He simply lies. It does not defend anything whatsoever. ”


In his speech, the head of state of the largest country in South America stated: “As happened in much of the world, a portion of the Brazilian press also politicized the virus (which causes covid-19), spreading panic among the population, under the motto ‘stay home and see the economy later’ ”. According to him, “they almost brought social chaos to the country”.

Indifferent to the environmental tragedy that befalls the Amazon and the Pantanal, Bolsonaro said that forest fires occur “where the caboclo and the indigenous people burn their gardens in search of their survival”, and that in Mato Grosso the cause is the “high temperature”.

He also said that the emergency aid paid in Brazil to the neediest in the context of the pandemic is one thousand dollars. The benefit amount, R $ 600, in today’s values, does not reach 110 dollars, and the last four installments, of R $ 300, will be R $ 55.

“The speech reveals a cold and persistent liar. It is an extremely unfair, aggressive speech that blames the victims of invasions (indigenous lands) and covers up the guilt of those responsible for the attacks on native peoples, their rights, their ways of existence, the environment and forests in Brazil, says Cleber Buzatto, deputy secretary of the Indian Missionary Council (Cimi). “We absolutely repudiate this disastrous attempt by President Bolsonaro to hold the original peoples responsible for what they are being victims of, the interests of agribusiness and mining, which he tries to protect,” he adds.

Economic causes

The only alternative for countries that care about the environment
environment, human and indigenous rights is to stop buying
products of mineral and agricultural origin from Brazil, believes Buzatto. “While
there is demand there will be violence and aggression on the part of these sectors and protection
them by the Bolsonaro government. ”

In the opinion of Gilberto Maringoni, professor of International Relations at the Federal University of ABC (UFABC), in his second appearance at the UN General Assembly, Bolsonaro expressed himself in a more moderate tone than in 2019. Last year, he still represented a novelty on the international scene, a scenario in which President Donald “Trump was surfing in popularity”.

In 2019, Bolsonaro stated that he took over a country “on the verge of socialism” and made reference to the Mais Médicos program. He cited the program implemented in Dilma Rousseff’s first term as “an agreement between the PT government and the Cuban dictatorship”. For Maringoni, in view of Trump’s likely defeat to Joe Biden in the American elections, Bolsonaro adopted a more moderate speech.

Bolsonaro’s “hypocritical” side at the UN was also exposed when mentioning the trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union (EU) and with the European Free Trade Association. “These agreements have important clauses that reinforce our commitments to environmental protection,” he said. In reality, the deal is in check in Europe precisely because of the environmental “policy” of his government in Brazil.

European pressure

Social pressures against the agreement are increasing in Europe. On Friday (18), the French government strongly spoke against the trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur. The agreement has not yet been ratified, due to serious environmental problems in the countries of the South American bloc, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Last year, with Decree No. 10,084, the president released sugarcane planting in the Amazon, the Pantanal and the Upper Paraguay Basin. Read the decree here.

But Bolsonaro continues to try to capitalize on the deal that has not yet been finalized, which is of more interest to European capitalism than, for example, to the industry of South American countries. “Most likely, he will continue to repeat this, that he managed to sign the agreement. It is possible that it will be ratified at some point, including after the end of the Bolsonaro government, ”says Miriam Gomes Saraiva.

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