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Biden predicts 200,000 more deaths from pandemic



São Paulo – Once again, the new coronavirus pandemic was one of the main themes of the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden this Thursday (22) in the race for elections in the USA. The Democratic presidential candidate said the United States must live in a “dark winter” due to the increase in the number of cases of the disease. He predicted that the country might have another 200,000 Americans killed by the covid-19.

Biden accused President Trump of not having a “clear plan” for dealing with the pandemic. “This is the same guy who said it would all end at Easter,” fired Biden.

More restrained, Trump said the country is “learning to live with the virus”. And he said that a vaccine should be ready “in weeks”, without specifying the date. Regarding his opponent’s accusation of being primarily responsible for the more than 220,000 deaths caused by the disease, Trump said: “I take full responsibility. It is not my fault that this virus arrived. It’s China’s fault ”.

Held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, the last debate before the elections – to be held on November 3 – took place in a more civilized way than the previous one. That’s because the opponent’s microphone was muted while one of the candidates was asked about the main topics. In addition to the pandemic, candidates also spoke about racism, immigration and climate change.


Another pearl made by Trump was when he stated that he is “the president who has done the most for blacks since Abraham Lincoln (who abolished slavery in 1865)”. Biden countered, saying that “this‘ Abraham Lincoln ’we have here is one of the most racist presidents we’ve ever had in modern history. He throws gasoline in each of the racist fires ”.

Then Trump said that the anti-crime laws supported by Biden in the 1980s and 1990s led to increased incarceration for the black population. The Democrat acknowledged the mistake. “People should not go to jail because they have a problem with alcohol or drugs,” said the Democrat.


Biden accused the current government of “criminal” conduct of separating some 500 immigrant children from their parents, who were no longer located after being deported. “It makes us a joke and violates all notions of who we are as a country.” Trump defended himself, saying the children crossed the border without their families, brought in by “coyotes”. He also said that the gigantic metal cells in immigrant detention centers in the United States, where children are held, were built during the Obama administration, when Biden was vice president.


While Biden has defended the energy transition to cleaner sources – such as wind and solar – Trump has said that these new technologies are not yet able to provide enough for American industries. He claimed, for example, that wind generators are made in China or Germany and that the environmental impacts on their production are greater than the thermoelectric plants powered by natural gas.

The president also said that if the environmental proposals defended by the Democrats were adopted, American companies would “break down”. Biden, for his part, attacked the pollution caused by oil refineries. And he said that in less than a decade the country could reach a “point of no return” in relation to the effects of global warming.

Personal attacks

Trump once again attacked the Democratic candidate’s son, Hunter Biden, for allegedly enriching himself with suspicious business in Ukraine. In addition, he said that Biden himself would have received “$ 3.5 million through the mayor of Moscow”, without providing evidence of this allegation.

On the other hand, Biden again demanded that the president submit his tax returns. In a report published by the newspaper The New York Times this week Trump maintains a secret account in China and paid nearly $ 190,000 in taxes in the country. Just last month, the same newspaper had reported that the Republican would have paid only $ 750 in income tax between 2016 and 2017.

“We heard that this president paid 50 times more tax in China, has a secret bank account in China, does business in China. And, in fact, are you saying that I took money? I never took a single cent from any country, ”said Biden.

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Argentines say goodbye to Maradona at Casa Rosada




São Paulo – Thousands of Argentines are gathered in Plaza de Mayo, in the center of Buenos Aires, to bid their last farewell to former player Diego Maradona, the greatest Argentine idol. The body of the world champion has been being watched, since the dawn of this Thursday (26), in Casa Rosada, headquarters of the Argentine government. The last personality who had his farewell at the official residence was former President Néstor Kirchner, who died in 2010.

Maradona’s body arrived at Casa Rosada around 1 am, received by ex-wife Claudia Villafañe and her daughters Dalma and Giannina. This intimate farewell also included the world champions in 1986, as well as other former players, such as defender Mascherano and goalkeeper Goycochea.

The initial forecast of the Argentine government was that the farewell ceremony would continue until Saturday (28). But, at the request of family members, the closure was rescheduled for 4 pm this Thursday.

The wake was open to the public around 6 am. The star’s coffin was covered by the Argentine flag, in addition to a shirt from the national team and another one from Boca Juniors, both with the number 10 “del Diós”.

In the beginning, there was a record of turmoil involving fans and police. Security officers try to control the crowd in an attempt to ensure measures of social distance.

In individual line, they pass by the casket of shirt 10, amid tears, clapping, blessings and thanks. Flowers, shirts and flags are also thrown towards the ace.

By 8 am, the line of fans had already exceeded seven blocks. They also wear shirts from the Argentine national team, Boca or Argentinos Juniors, a team from the capital where Maradona started playing. “It doesn’t look like a wake. It looks like the entrance to a football match ”, said journalist Martin Gonzalez, from the channel All News.

Party night

Despite the restrictions due to the pandemic, the Argentines preferred to gather, in a big party to say goodbye to the idol. During the night, fans of the star and disciples of the “Maradonian Church” started to gather in Praça de Maio.

At the arrival of Boca’s “barra brava” (organized crowd), fireworks were fired, giving the place a championship-ending atmosphere. Maradona was Argentine champion for the club in 1981, before his transfer to Europe, to defend Barcelona.

According to the public news agency Télam, judicial sources said that the autopsy on Maradona’s body determined that “acute pulmonary edema secondary to chronic heart failure” was the cause of his death.

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