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Biden calls for unity and promises to fight extremism and white supremacism



São Paulo – In his inaugural address, the new President of the United States, Joe Biden, highlighted the need for unity among Americans, the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, and said he was committed to democracy and the fight against “political extremism, white supremacism, internal terrorism ”. In total opposition to Donald Trump’s denial, who did not attend the inauguration, Biden said that his first action in office would be to ask the population to join “in a silent prayer” for the 400,000 Americans killed in the covid-19 pandemic. “This is a time of trial, of an attack on democracy and the truth. There is a ferocious virus that shows inequality, we have the climate crisis, we have the role of the United States in the world, ”he said, summarizing some flags of his campaign that are also opposed to those of Brazilian denialist Jair Bolsonaro, a follower of Trump.

“We need unity, to fight enemies, anger, extremism, violence, unemployment,” he said. He pledged to “rebuild the middle class and create health for all”, in reference to the Obamacare program, which Democrat Barack Obama partially implemented in the country. “I will be a president for all Americans, I will fight for those who supported me and who did not,” he promised. He also reaffirmed his commitment to “recover alliances with the world once again” and promised that his government will be “a partner for peace and security”. The speech concerns the return of the USA to the Paris Agreement and its participation in organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), rejected by its predecessor.

But diplomat Antony Blinken – pointed out by analysts as
“Interventionist” – will be the Secretary of State, a position endowed with enormous power
politician, charged with diplomacy, occupied by Hillary Clinton in the government
Barack Obama. Blinken points to maintaining the traditional policy
American in the world. Upon passing the Senate, he said the government
will do what it can “to prevent Iran from acquiring registration or obtaining weapons
nuclear power in the short term ”. Regarding China, he declared that the country “represents the
most significant challenge in the United States “, and added:” We must start
to approach the country in a position of strength, not weakness ”.

Public internal

In the speech, Biden addressed the internal audience. “The forces that divide us are profound and real, but they are not new,” he said, referring to “the fear and racism that divided us so much”. “A sufficient number of Americans have joined (by their candidacy). There will be no progress without unity, there will be no nation, only chaos. Union is the way forward. Politics doesn’t have to be a fire that destroys everything in front of you, ”he said, referring to the attack by extremists on the Capitol two weeks ago.

“We need to reject the culture where facts are manipulated and
invented ”, he added, to applause, referring to the spread of fake
news, both in the 2016 election campaign by the Trump campaign and during
the Republican’s mandate. For spreading false news, the account of the now ex-president
on Twitter was permanently banned by the platform two days after the
American Congress attacks by its supporters on January 6.

Biden will “reward” the electorate that took him to the White House.
Will adopt measures such as the revocation of the veto on the entry of immigrants from
Muslims. He must also maintain the suspension of loan installments
student. The younger population was important for their election, as well as
blacks, represented in the government by Vice President Kamala Harris,
first black woman to occupy the position in history. On the first day of government,
measures to promote racial and gender equality.

Department of Defense

Lloyd Austin, first black to occupy the powerful Department
Defense, promised to “fight to rid the country of extremists and
racist ”. “The Department of Defense’s job is to keep America
protected from our enemies. But we can’t do that if some of those
enemies are within our own country, ”said Austin as he
name confirmed by the Senate. The Executive must abort the construction of a wall
on the border with Mexico.

Diplomat Antony Blinken will be Secretary of State,
position also endowed with enormous political power, held by Hillary Clinton in the
Obama administration. Blinken points to maintaining the traditional policy
in the world and is considered by some analysts to be “interventionist”.
Also in the Senate, he said the government will do what it can “to prevent the
Iran acquire registration or obtain nuclear weapons in the short term ”. About China,
declared that the country “represents the most significant challenge for the United States”,
and added: “We must start to approach the country in a position of strength, not
of weakness ”.

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Argentina extends border closure with Brazil




Opera Mundi – Argentina decided on Sunday (28) to extend the deadline for closing air and land borders with Brazil until March 12, extending the previous decree that determined that they should reopen as of this Monday (1st) ).

Argentine health authorities considered it necessary to maintain the blockade at the borders and a 50% reduction in flights between the two countries.

The country is also closed to foreigners from other neighboring countries and the United Kingdom. Only Argentineans or residents can enter.

According to the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, the measure is taken “in a preventive manner until knowledge about the new Brazilian variant of the virus deepens”.

Brazil has been experiencing the worst moment of the covid-19 pandemic in recent weeks. The moving average of deaths in the last seven days broke a new record and reached 1,180. With 50,840 new diagnoses registered in one day, the number of cases in the country is already over 10.5 million.

Vaccination in Argentina

While seeing its neighbor in the worst scenario of the pandemic, Argentina is advancing in vaccination against covid-19. There are already more than 903 thousand doses applied.

This week, the Argentine laboratory Richmond announced a partnership with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) to start producing the Sputnik V vaccine nationwide.

On the night of last Friday (26), Argentina received 96 thousand doses of the Sinopharm vaccine against covid-19. According to the Minister of Health, these doses have already started to be distributed on Saturday.

* With Sputnik

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