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Biden awaits victory over Trump in Pennsylvania and reaches the White House



São Paulo – From the turn in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden expects the result in the state to have his victory over Trump decreed and to be elected president of the United States, after three days of counting. As votes are counted, the Democratic candidate comes closer to the White House. With the 20 delegates from Pennsylvania, he would reach 273 votes and surpass the 270 needed at the Electoral College, without needing Nevada and Georgia (where he continues to expand his lead), Arizona (where he keeps the lead) and North Carolina (where Trump wins).

The Democrat’s almost certain victory must also go through a legal battle, promised by Trump, and long recounts of votes in states where the difference will be small. But the proximity of the victory meant that the mayor, Nancy Pelosi, put aside the caution of the Democrats and Biden himself.

At a press conference on Friday (6), she did not measure her optimism: “Joe Biden went from vice president to president-elect. It is a happy day for our country because Joe Biden is a unifier, because he is determined to bring people together again, because he respects all points of view ”, he declared.

The American press remains divided over the total number of votes the Democrat already has in the Electoral College. Counting the Associated Press, since election day on Tuesday (3), considers Arizona – where Trump won in 2016 – won by Biden. With that, he would have 264 delegates. Already The New York Times, until today, it does not put the 11 votes of the state in the Biden account, as well as the Washington Post.

Great Lakes

But, with the Democrat’s virtual victory in Pennsylvania confirmed, even if an unlikely defeat occurs in Arizona, Biden would then have 273 delegates, three more than the minimum to be elected.

Biden’s rise in Pennsylvania (where he turned in the morning, as in Georgia) is decisive and emblematic for his victory. Located in the Northeast of the country, the state is part of the so-called Great Lakes region, alongside Wisconsin and Michigan, others in which it also turned. The importance of the region can be measured by the fact that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the three states – traditionally Democrats – in 2016.

The gap between the Democrat and the Republican continues to grow in Pennsylvania. It was just over 15 thousand votes at 8 pm this Friday, almost triple the 5,587 votes more than in the morning.

Trump’s desperation

Donald Trump’s advances against the legitimacy of the elections and Joe Biden’s virtual victory, with accusations of fraud and corruption, peaked in his speech at the White House on Thursday (5). But it provoked strong reactions, from the press to local authorities. The giants NBC, CBS and ABC even interrupted the president’s speech – in which he showed dejection and the despair of a loser – to deny his accusations.

One of the cities that Trump nominally attacked, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s urban center, is where the decisive votes in the state in favor of Biden arrive. This Friday, the mayor of the city, Jim Kenney, at a press conference, responded to the still president. “Behave like an adult, acknowledge that you have been defeated and greet the winner,” he said.

The behavior of Trump, who, from the White House itself, the political symbol of the United States, attacked the country’s institutions, the legitimacy of elections, opponents and companies in a way never seen before, was considered very serious. Trump has already started to pay the bill for his attitude, which will be expensive.

Even members of the Republican Party responded to the president’s accusations without proof, such as Chris Christie, a former governor of New Jersey, among others. “This kind of thing only inflames the population without informing us and we cannot allow that. If you are going to use the White House, it is your right to do so, but if you are wrong the American people can make the judgment, ”he said, according to CNN Brasil.

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more unemployment and more informality




São Paulo – Government, businessmen and some parliamentarians were in tune with the defense of the bill that, if approved, would lead to the creation of Law 13,467 in 2017. The so-called labor reform, after all, would lead to the creation of millions of jobs. This would happen to the extent that it would end the rigidity of the legislation, which they treated as being “plastered”, facilitating hiring and giving the much-needed “modernization” to the Brazilian labor market.

Because the law completed three years on November 11 “and nobody celebrated, not even timidly”, recalls analyst Marcos Verlaine, from the Inter-Union Department of Parliamentary Advisory (Diap). “Among the expectations generated by the authors, the government of that time, the businessmen, who sponsored, defended and acted strongly in Congress to approve it, the media and reality, remained the harsh reality”, he says, in an article. He defines the measure passed by Congress as a “capital Trojan horse” to implode labor rights.

Collective bargaining?

The insistent defense of the “negotiated over the legislature”, a recurring expression at the time, was not to privilege negotiation, notes the analyst. “It was to remove rights, since the negotiations – both CCT (ccollective labor agreements) and ACT (collective labor agreements) – they never prevented, on the contrary, that the conventions surpass the CLT, nor that the agreements surpass the conventions. ”

The “millions” of jobs did not come, even before the pandemic. The growth in occupation was basically due to informal work. In 2016, the year before the “reform”, the country had 10.1 million unpaid employees in the private sector and 22.4 million self-employed workers. Last year, they were 11.6 million and 24.2 million, respectively (check table). The data are from the National Household Sample Survey (Pnad) Continua, from IBGE.

Modernization or precariousness?

Employment with a wallet fell. And the Gini index at work, which measures inequality, which until 2015 fell, rose again the following year and has not stopped.

The “reform” introduced hiring modalities, such as intermittent work. They were also presented as items of the necessary “modernization”, but union members and researchers identify them as additional signs of precariousness in the market. Although still small, the participation of the intermittent modality has been growing.

This week, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) began to judge direct actions of unconstitutionality against intermittent work. In his vote, the rapporteur, Minister Edson Fachin, considered the item unconstitutional and causing damage to workers’ health. But his colleagues Kassio Nunes Marques and Alexandre Moraes were in favor of the sport. The trial was interrupted by a request for view from Minister Rosa Weber.

If it is impossible to revoke the law in its entirety, Verlaine suggests specific changes, citing intermittent hiring. “It is necessary to negotiate with all political and social actors in order to bring about changes in this scorched earth scenario” he argues.

read more: ‘Labor Reform’: Stories of a False Promise and Changes in ‘Endless Destruction’

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