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Bankers charge banks more protection against covid-19



São Paulo – The financial system does not stop. Half of the country’s banking category, which has around 450,000 workers in total, remains in home office due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, informs the National Federation of Banks (Fenaban). But thousands of bankers are exposed to covid-19 on the front lines of branches or in the departments of financial institutions. In view of this, union leaders of the National Bank Command command met virtually today (2), with the representatives of Fenaban, to demand the resumption of telework for more employees. Also greater rigidity of health and safety protocols, such as the use of masks and alcohol gel, to face the worsening of the pandemic. In addition, they ask for the closure of agencies where there are suspected or confirmed cases, and the removal of workers. These and other protective measures are considered essential, until everyone is vaccinated.

The meeting was motivated by reports of return to face-to-face work including workers from a risk group in case of contamination by the new coronavirus. “We need to anticipate the serious risk that lies ahead. Experts say this new variant of the coronavirus is spreading. The risk is that we will have a mega pandemic within 60 days ”, says the Secretary of Health for Workers of the National Confederation of Workers in the Financial Industry (Contraf-CUT), Mauro Salles Machado.

“As the vaccine is going to take time, with the government’s outrage, we need to reinforce preventive measures. It is a matter of responsibility. From the end of last year until now, there has been a huge relaxation. THE home office it was important, social distance, hygiene, that didn’t change as ways to face the disease. The situation may get worse than last year and that is why we call banks to account. The number of patients in the category increased and even the number of deaths ”, he warned.

More criteria

Comando and Fenaban agreed to hold regular meetings to discuss the category’s protective measures in the face of the worsening pandemic. Brazil surpassed the mark of 226 thousand deaths by covid-19. “It is in this context of worsening the disease that we charge banks to maintain telework, the rigidity of security and equipment protocols in all locations”, explains the president of Contraf-CUT, Juvandia Moreira.

Fenaban representatives said they will discuss maintaining bank workers in remote work. The worker health secretary at Contraf-CUT asked banks to be more judicious in controlling covid-19, especially when carrying out tests on bank employees suspected of contamination. “The bank employee has symptoms and often does not even go to the doctors. The manager orders to go to the pharmacy, do the test and, if it is negative, he goes back to work ”, he said.

The president of the Union of Bank Employees of São Paulo, Osasco and Region, Ivone Silva, one of the coordinators of the National Bank Command, recalls that the new strain, proven to be more contagious, has already been identified in São Paulo and other states. And that if all preventive measures are not respected, the situation could become even worse. “Brazil was identified as the worst country in the management of the pandemic [segundo o Lowy Institute, da Austrália]. And given the incompetence of the Bolsonaro government, the banking union movement demands that banks be more rigorous in implementing preventive measures to guarantee the health of the category. ”

Banking on the calendar

The tragedy in Manaus and the possibility that the new coronavirus strain could spread beyond the northern region of the country were on the agenda. The president of the Pará Bankers Union, Tatiana Oliveira, spoke about the worrying situation. “The Santarém region, in western Pará, is in lockdown. The disease has spread to nearby municipalities. One of the covid data is that for every ten infected patients who go to the ICU, six die. In the North region, that number is eight for every ten ”, reported Tatiana, who believes that the new coronavirus strain has already spread throughout Pará.

“The population is a victim of the absence of
administration of the Bolsonaro government and a health minister who does nothing to
fight the pandemic ”, criticizes President Juvandia Moreira. “We want the
government provide vaccine for everyone. Because of this delay, we need to
also place the banking category as an essential sector in the calendar of

The manager reports that there are agglomerations in branches and this is a risk factor. “After the priority groups to be vaccinated, we want the category to be included by the Ministry of Health as one of the essential sectors in the vaccine calendar”, reinforces Juvandia.

Agency hours

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was agreed between bank representatives and Fenaban that the agencies would operate from 9 am to 2 pm, with a time for special care for the elderly from 9 am to 10 am.

“But many banks have extended this operation to 3 pm or more. We charge that the opening hours are reduced again. Fenaban told us that this expansion occurred due to demands from State Prosecutors and Procons, but it undertook to evaluate it ”, reports Ivone Silva, on yet another measure to combat covid-19 among bank employees.

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Argentina extends border closure with Brazil




Opera Mundi – Argentina decided on Sunday (28) to extend the deadline for closing air and land borders with Brazil until March 12, extending the previous decree that determined that they should reopen as of this Monday (1st) ).

Argentine health authorities considered it necessary to maintain the blockade at the borders and a 50% reduction in flights between the two countries.

The country is also closed to foreigners from other neighboring countries and the United Kingdom. Only Argentineans or residents can enter.

According to the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, the measure is taken “in a preventive manner until knowledge about the new Brazilian variant of the virus deepens”.

Brazil has been experiencing the worst moment of the covid-19 pandemic in recent weeks. The moving average of deaths in the last seven days broke a new record and reached 1,180. With 50,840 new diagnoses registered in one day, the number of cases in the country is already over 10.5 million.

Vaccination in Argentina

While seeing its neighbor in the worst scenario of the pandemic, Argentina is advancing in vaccination against covid-19. There are already more than 903 thousand doses applied.

This week, the Argentine laboratory Richmond announced a partnership with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) to start producing the Sputnik V vaccine nationwide.

On the night of last Friday (26), Argentina received 96 thousand doses of the Sinopharm vaccine against covid-19. According to the Minister of Health, these doses have already started to be distributed on Saturday.

* With Sputnik

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