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Back to school in SP had 21 deaths and explosion of cases of covid-19 in schools



São Paulo – The return to face-to-face classes determined by the government of João Doria (PSDB) has already resulted in 21 deaths caused by the new coronavirus and an explosion of cases of covid-19 in state schools, according to data from the Medical Education Commission of the Secretariat of Education. State of Education. Nineteen education workers and two students were killed. But the toucan government does not say whether the victims were from state, municipal or private schools. In total, 4,084 confirmed cases and 24,345 suspected cases of covid-19 have been reported since the beginning of January. However, the increase in occurrences after the planning period, from January 26 to 29, leaves no doubt that the return to school led to an explosion in contamination.

According to the Epidemiological Bulletin of the Education Information and Monitoring System for Covid-19 (Simed), 33 cases of covid-19 were registered in São Paulo schools in the first three weeks of January – less than 1% of the total. In the week of planning back to school, from January 26 to 29, when teachers were obliged to attend by the Doria government, there were 82 cases of covid-19. After that, the cases multiplied, reaching 1,130 confirmed cases, in the week of February 28 to March 6. And totaling 4,084 cases of covid-19.

Most confirmed cases of covid-19 were registered in state schools (59%), followed by private schools (37%) and municipal networks (3%). However, only 400 of the state’s 645 cities register cases in the monitoring system installed by the Doria government.

Creator of illusions

The city of São Paulo also does not enter the account, as it has its own notification system. That is, many cases of covid-19 in schools after Doria’s determination to return to school were probably not counted.

In addition, the São Paulo government distorted data to create an appearance of control over the situation, saying that the proportion of confirmed cases of covid-19 in schools would be 33 times lower than that recorded in general. For this, it calculated the contamination rate per 100 thousand inhabitants and compared it with the contamination rate per 100 thousand students.

However, the toucan government considered all 9.9 million students in the state in the account, which dropped the contamination rate to 41 for every 100,000 students, while the overall rate is 1,393 per 100,000. However, until now, the São Paulo Plan imposes a maximum limit of 35% of students in face-to-face classes. The Secretary of Education himself, Rossieli Soares, admitted that only 600,000 students actually returned to classes. With this number, the contamination rate is 680 cases per 100 thousand, a number 16 times higher than that presented by the tucana management.

The science that matters

Although it claims to follow scientific guidelines when resuming classes amid the covid-19 pandemic, the Doria government uses incorrect parameters to compel schools to remain open. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, considers that back to school can be done in safe conditions when the rate of new cases is less than 20 per 100 thousand inhabitants and the index of positive tests for covid-19 is less than 5%. In São Paulo, the rate of new cases is 361 per 100 thousand and the rate of positive tests is 32.44%.

Today, Judge Simone Gomes Rodrigues Casoretti ruled that the Doria government cannot compel teachers and other education workers to return to face-to-face classes in schools without controlling the covid-19 pandemic. According to the decision, as long as the red or orange quarantine phases are in effect, education professionals affiliated with the Union of Teachers of Official Education of the State of São Paulo and five other unions, who are the authors of the lawsuit, cannot be called to face-to-face activities . This format is already applied to students.

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Argentine President contaminated by covid-19 and fulfills isolation




São Paulo – The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, informed on social media that he tested positive for covid-19, after showing symptoms of the disease. He said he is in isolation and has warned people with whom he has had contact in the past 48 hours. And he also reported that he had 37.3ºC of fever, in addition to feeling a slight headache.

The announcement was made this Saturday (3), the day after Fernández turned 62. “For everyone’s information, I am physically well and, although I wanted to end my birthday without this news, I am also in a good mood,” said the president.

He received the first dose of the vaccine (Sputnik) in January. The second, the following month. “I’m fine, I don’t have any symptoms. Only this fever from yesterday that I reported ”, he declared to the newspaper Clarín. “It is a very complicated virus, and the demonstration is that I got infected, even though I was vaccinated with both doses and with extreme care,” he added.

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who received the second dose of the vaccine today, sent a message of support to “Daqui do Brasil I send good energy, hoping for its prompt recovery. May soon overcome this disease to continue caring for the Argentine people. Hugs, mate! ”He wrote.

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