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Augusto Boal, Itamar Assumpção and Sérgio Ricardo: preserved memories



São Paulo – Anelis, Cecília and Marina have been around with boxes in recent years. Many boxes, which have been taken, physically and metaphorically, to many places. So they built Mu.Ita, the Itamar Assumpção Museum, the Augusto Boal Institute and the Sérgio Ricardo Memória Viva portal. And so they preserve the three works: from one of the most original Brazilian composers, a Brazilian playwright who is a world reference and a multi-creator, who embarked on the paths of music, cinema and the visual arts.

Born João Lutfi in Marília (SP), Sérgio Ricardo died in 2020, at the age of 88. Boal – the “my dear friend” from the song by Chico Buarque and Francis Hime – left in 2009, at 78. And Itamar, from São Paulo from Tietê, left in 2003, at 53. Yesterday (3) at night, Cecília, Boal’s widow, Anelis and Marina, daughters of Itamar and Sérgio, reflected on the difficulties and joys of preserving the heritage, told stories, shared surprises and carried boxes of affection. Not for nothing, the name of the virtual meeting was “Family Collections”. Check here the full live.

Assembly and organization

The singer Marina Lutfi, with the brothers Adriana and João, says that the work started in 2009, in a university environment, and in 2017 the family got support to set up a website, and from then on they improved a database. “We launched it last year, but it’s been going on for a long time,” he says, recalling that, even though he was sick, the artist was able to follow the process. “I was very happy to see that we were managing to organize his things.”

Itamar’s boxes are in the house where he lived for most of his life (and where his wife, Elizena, still lives), in the Penha neighborhood of São Paulo, east side of São Paulo. Anelis, who is also a singer, says that her father was a Virgo: “He already left everything very tidy”. Cecília Boal cannot resist. “Oh, what a blessing!” He exclaims. And Marina remembers that Sérgio was a Gemini (“Immersed in creation, art for all corners”).

Looking for other audiences

A common problem: recognition. Marina says that her father was “completely hard, completely out of the media, out of any window”, despite an unceasing artistic production. “He produced, produced, produced, but people didn’t see it, they didn’t have access”, he comments, pointing to a public still restricted with access to Sérgio Ricardo’s work. “Our great effort is to make people know.” The daughter recalls that he started working with record companies, but “was very silenced” during the dictatorship and went on an independent path.

In the case of Itamar, comments Anelis, the challenge is to take the work to other audiences, perhaps closer to its roots. For her, the artist has always been more seen and heard in intellectual media. “When black people discover that there was an Itamar, they will go crazy. I need to show them this guy. Because the audience at Itamar is white. ” The virtual museum included translation in Yorubá – a bridge with ancestry, he defines.

Construction of spaces

“Since he passed away, I, my sister (Serena) and my mother started to organize his work. Black man, without academic study and who insisted on having an independent career. Today it is normal, but 40 years ago this was something that did not exist. ” And he says that the inventory took a long time to complete, because Itamar had no material assets: “only” music. This effort suffered a blow in 2016, with Serena’s death – there is a “room”, a space dedicated to her in the museum.

Cecília remembers that Boal, who was sick, started to get distressed seeing moldy VHS tapes and wanted to find a solution. “We were in exile for a long time, 16 years out of Brazil, we went through several places. How did Boal carry these junk from side to side? For me, it is a mystery ”, he says. The material went through UniRio, UFRJ, Fundação Darcy Ribeiro, Casa de Rui Barbosa … Now, it’s at the Lasar Segall Museum, in São Paulo.

Museums of memory

She reveals that she refused a proposal to buy the collection made by New York University. “I don’t regret it. I’m a psychoanalyst. For me, the question of identity is fundamental. I am striving to reaffirm our identity, our value as Latin Americans. It is part of that value not to lower your head ”, says Cecília, quoting, with an“ adaptation ”, an excerpt from the song’s lyrics Language, by Caetano Veloso: “If you have an incredible idea, you can philosophize in Brazilian Portuguese”.

The three women agree that taking care of the work helps to overcome the pain of loss. Small museums, from our memories, define Cecília. Anelis imagines his father today, having access to WhatsApp. “My phone would have burst from so many poems that he would have sent me.”

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