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Arce’s victory in Bolivia shows ‘blunt’ reaction against the coup



São Paulo – The official results of the elections in Bolivia confirm the victory of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) candidate, Luis Arce Catacora. With 55.2% of the ballots counted until Tuesday morning (20), Arce has 48.7% of the valid votes, well ahead of ex-president Carlos Mesa (CC), who has a preference of 33.1 % of voters. Arce’s lead should expand, as the votes of the most distant regions are counted.

For international relations consultant Kjeld Jakobsen, these numbers inhibit any attempt to contest the result. “It was necessary that there was an overwhelming victory for the MAS ticket, so that there was no doubt or any kind of justification that could prevent them from returning to the government. This result is being achieved ”, he said, in an interview with Glauco Faria in Current Brazil Newspaper.

Still in the early hours of Monday (19), Bolivia’s interim president, Jeanine Añez, had already recognized Arce’s victory, based on exit polls. Throughout the day, Mesa also acknowledged that “there was a clear winner in this Sunday’s elections, which was Luis Arce”.

Even the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, congratulated Arce on the victory. The OAS played a prominent role in the 2019 coup, raising doubts about the fairness of the elections held that year. Based on these suspicions, part of the Bolivian population carried out violent protests against the then president. The coup was accomplished when the commander in chief of the Armed Forces, General Williams Kaliman, demanded Evo’s resignation.


Jakobsen points out that it was the popular mobilizations, led by the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB), that guaranteed the holding of the elections this Sunday. Añez used the pandemic as a pretext for the successive postponements of the election.

He refutes the argument that uses the holding of these elections to deny the coup that took place a year ago. “It is even necessary to investigate and punish those responsible properly. Obviously in the spirit of reunifying Bolivia. But blows cannot go unanswered, ”he said.


The consultant says that the result of the Bolivian elections should have repercussions throughout the Latin American continent. It should have a special influence on the elections in Ecuador, scheduled to take place in February 2021. There, the situation is similar to Bolivia, as sectors try to ban ex-president Rafael Correa from public life, including with the use of donations. lawfare. On the other hand, there is also a “willingness to bring the good times back”.

Bolsonaro “‘ cold-footed ”

Jakobsen points out that the election of Arce in Bolivia confirms President Jair Bolsonaro as “a hell of a cool guy”. The ultra-rightist Luis Fernando Camacho, who called himself “Bolivian Bolsonaro”, is in third place in the partial counting, with about 16% of the votes.

“He (Bolsonaro) bet on Macri’s victory (in Argentina), and lost. You must have bet on Camacho, and lost. Surely, it will lose in November in the United States election as well. Who knows, the defeat of Trump may bring about some changes in the political order and in this foreign interference in Latin America. ”

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Writing: Tiago Pereira. Edition: Glauco Faria

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Argentines say goodbye to Maradona at Casa Rosada




São Paulo – Thousands of Argentines are gathered in Plaza de Mayo, in the center of Buenos Aires, to bid their last farewell to former player Diego Maradona, the greatest Argentine idol. The body of the world champion has been being watched, since the dawn of this Thursday (26), in Casa Rosada, headquarters of the Argentine government. The last personality who had his farewell at the official residence was former President Néstor Kirchner, who died in 2010.

Maradona’s body arrived at Casa Rosada around 1 am, received by ex-wife Claudia Villafañe and her daughters Dalma and Giannina. This intimate farewell also included the world champions in 1986, as well as other former players, such as defender Mascherano and goalkeeper Goycochea.

The initial forecast of the Argentine government was that the farewell ceremony would continue until Saturday (28). But, at the request of family members, the closure was rescheduled for 4 pm this Thursday.

The wake was open to the public around 6 am. The star’s coffin was covered by the Argentine flag, in addition to a shirt from the national team and another one from Boca Juniors, both with the number 10 “del Diós”.

In the beginning, there was a record of turmoil involving fans and police. Security officers try to control the crowd in an attempt to ensure measures of social distance.

In individual line, they pass by the casket of shirt 10, amid tears, clapping, blessings and thanks. Flowers, shirts and flags are also thrown towards the ace.

By 8 am, the line of fans had already exceeded seven blocks. They also wear shirts from the Argentine national team, Boca or Argentinos Juniors, a team from the capital where Maradona started playing. “It doesn’t look like a wake. It looks like the entrance to a football match ”, said journalist Martin Gonzalez, from the channel All News.

Party night

Despite the restrictions due to the pandemic, the Argentines preferred to gather, in a big party to say goodbye to the idol. During the night, fans of the star and disciples of the “Maradonian Church” started to gather in Praça de Maio.

At the arrival of Boca’s “barra brava” (organized crowd), fireworks were fired, giving the place a championship-ending atmosphere. Maradona was Argentine champion for the club in 1981, before his transfer to Europe, to defend Barcelona.

According to the public news agency Télam, judicial sources said that the autopsy on Maradona’s body determined that “acute pulmonary edema secondary to chronic heart failure” was the cause of his death.

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