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Apps received more than 50,000 negative ratings during the delivery strike



São Paulo – Thousands of consumers have negatively evaluated the Ifood, Rappi, Uber Eats, Loggi and James applications. By 5 pm on Wednesday (1st), during the first national strike of the category, the five companies, together, had received 53,411 evaluations. In 98% of them, users assigned only one star, the lowest rating criterion.

The survey was conducted by the newspaper The globe, from the Appbot website, which tracks the scores assigned to applications in the Google Play and Apple Store virtual stores.

In addition to the low marks awarded, consumers also left comments denouncing the terrible working conditions imposed on delivery personnel.

These negative assessments met the requests of the delivery personnel themselves. In preparations for the strike, in addition to the boycott of companies, they asked consumers to “burn” apps, denouncing exploitation.

In a single day, the number of assessments reached almost half the amount recorded in the previous month. However, despite the large volume, the rain of evaluations was not enough to negatively impact the rating of companies in the app stores. There are almost 3 million evaluations since they started operating. Ifood’s score, for example, dropped from 4.5 to 4.49 on Google Play.

The strike

Deliverers demand an increase in the minimum rate and in the amount paid per kilometer traveled in deliveries. During the pandemic, when they became even more essential, almost seven out of ten deliverers say their income has fallen. They also demand the end of undue blockages, the cost of personal protective equipment (PPE) and benefits, such as food stamps and insurance against theft, accident and life, are also on the agenda.

Deliverers held demonstrations across the country. The largest were recorded in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Salvador and Brasília. On Avenida Paulista, in the central region of the capital, the protest gathered about 2 thousand motoboys and cyclists. In the federal capital, they protested, in front of the National Congress, for the creation of a parliamentary front in defense of the rights of the category. Throughout the day, the terms #BrequeDosApps and #GreveDosApps were among the most commented on Twitter.

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Justice cancels layoffs and orders Renault to reinstate 747 workers –




São Paulo – On strike for 15 days, Renault workers in São José dos Pinhais, metropolitan region of Curitiba, will hold a new assembly on Thursday (6), starting at 2 pm, already with the news that a judicial decision has annulled the layoffs made by the company on July 21. Judge Sandra Mara de Oliveira Dias, of the 9th Region Regional Labor Court (TRT), declared the 747 dismissals null and void, determining immediate reinstatement. It is possible to appeal.

The magistrate also set a daily fine of R $ 100 thousand in case of non-compliance, up to the limit of R $ 1 million. The amount eventually paid must go to the association that maintains a children’s hospital in the region.

“Thus, there is that the collective dismissal without prior collective bargaining (effective and not merely formal) violates the Federal Constitution, especially the constitutional principles of union intervention in collective labor issues, social dialogue and the valorization of collective bargaining” , said the judge in her decision, citing Articles 8 and 114 of the Charter. She also cited conventions of the International Labor Organization that deal with layoffs and collective bargaining.

The judge of the Paraná TRT even disputes part of the labor “reform” of 2017. She argues that, “both from the constitutional and the international level”, there is a need for prior collective bargaining for collective dismissal.

Only negotiation solves Renault case

“This Wednesday’s court decision is a demonstration that we are right,” commented the president of the Metalworkers Union of Greater Curitiba, Sérgio Butka. “But we know that only dialogue can solve the problem. Throughout this time, the union was always willing and demanded common sense on the part of the company to agree to sit down to negotiate and find a reasonable solution for both workers and the company. ”

After metalworkers rejected a flexibilization proposal that included a voluntary layoff program, on July 21 the company laid off 747 of an approximate total of 7,300 employees. According to the union, a good part of them “with health problems like Covid-19, compulsory isolation and occupational and common diseases”.

The next day, workers went on strike. The union also claims that the company does not comply with state law (15,426, of 2007) that restricts layoffs in companies that receive tax benefits.

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