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After Capitol invasion, Trump could be impeached



São Paulo – Representatives of the Democratic Party must file impeachment requests against President Donald Trump. They accuse the president of inciting the protesters who stormed the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday. Many lawmakers, including the Republican Party itself, believe that Trump will no longer be able to rule the country until January 20, when President-elect Joe Biden is due to take office.

Another possibility would be to invoke the 25th Amendment to the American Constitution. According to this provision, the majority of the presidential office itself, in agreement with the deputy, Mike Pence, could enact Trump’s removal. Such a measure would even have the support of part of the North American business community.

For international consultant and analyst Amauri Chamorro, the possibility of opening impeachment proceedings against Trump is real, given the Democratic majority in both houses. Their removal would have to be authorized, by simple majority, by the House of Representatives. But to be approved, it would need a qualified majority (two thirds) in the Senate.

“I think that possibility is real. First, we have a Congress with a Democratic majority for the first time in ten years. Second, there is dissatisfaction from broad sections of the Republican Party bureaucracy, which have repudiated Trump’s stance, accusing him of even burning the crowd to invade parliament. Most likely they will join President Trump’s impeachment process, ”Chamorro said in an interview with Current Brazil Newspaper, this Thursday (7). The analyst also recalls that Trump, despite his political strength, is an “outsider” among Republicans.


Ilhan Omar, from Minnesota, and Ayanna Pressley, from Massachusetts, are some examples of Democratic representatives who are expected to submit requests for removal of the president. On the other hand, Ted Liu, from California, asked the deputy, Mike Pence, to remove Trump. If the 25th Amendment is invoked, Trump could appeal. The decision, then, would also depend on the approval of two-thirds of the senators.

In addition, senior government officials have already resigned. This was the case with the current chief of staff and press secretary to First Lady Melania Trump, Stephanie Grisham. And also from the White House deputy press secretary, Sarah Matthews. The White House social secretary, Rickie Niceta, is another name that also resigned on Wednesday (6).

New normal

Chamorro saw the invasion of the Capitol as “natural” by Donald Trump’s supporters, including the participation of armed individuals. According to him, the episode is not surprising, because invasions like this have been repeated in state legislative assemblies, at least a dozen times, since the elections in November, without any reaction from the authorities.

He also highlighted the difference in the treatment of police forces in relation to Trumpist militias. He compared it with the strong repression that occurred in protests called by the Black Lives Matter movement, which fights against racism and police violence. “We see the guy in a buffalo outfit, without a shirt, with a painted face, like a comedy movie character, sitting in the chair of the President of the United States, laughing, playing. A bizarre thing, and nobody took it away. ”

On the other hand, Chamorro condemned the actions taken by social networks – such as Facebook and Twitter – that came to censor messages from President Trump. According to him, these companies cannot act as “courts”, however radical and absurd the president’s postures may be. “Trump is a reflection of the vast majority of American society, which is racist,” he said.

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Copywriting: Tiago Pereira – Edition: Helder Lima

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